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That Girl

January 17, 2012
By w.massie.3 BRONZE, Hemet, California
w.massie.3 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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If you were in my shoes, seeing what I saw, hearing what I hear. Feeling what I feel. I'm sure you would understand the anger I feel. The love I so badly need would soon be apparent in every thought "I" began to mull over. The feeling of her soft fingertips, the way they trace the outline of my my unshaven face. The way that she looks at me, with those big brown eyes like tiny little suns, their rays shooting out from a center point, the way they look when the sun's rays catch them making even the burning star jealous. The way she looks so deep, as if not looking into my eyes but much deeper, much more sincere than just a look or glance. The way it feels as if she sees all the sadness and almost rips it straight out of me. The happiness it brings, she has to see it, or feel it at least. I can barely hide it myself. Uncontrolably my lips begin to curl, the sides of my mouth pull together. I have no power against it, my will is gone, all the while that girl is still staring deep into my soul. Teeth begin to show, she notices my cheeks begin to redden, and she responds with yet another mesmerizing feat. Her smile. It is only thirty two teeth, just like you or I. Just a simple thing I'll never take for granted. The beauty is beyond comparable. No woman, no sunset or sunrise, no moment can match the moment when she smiles at me. At me? A simple man, a boy still. A boy in my wisdom, a man in my emotion, a man in my physique. A liar, a slacker, nothing but human, sometimes I feel even less than that. I know I don't deserve her. Maybe she knows it too, if she does, she still loves me for who I am. That there, is the only thing I have faith in, her. This girl, no. Woman. She is a woman. For her actions, he emotion, the way she cares for me, is nothing less than womanly. She caries my heart right beside hers. Right where I am lucky to say it belongs. If you were in my shoes, you'd soon realize what consumes my every thought and every breath. It is and always will be her.

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on Feb. 3 2012 at 9:23 pm
w.massie.3 BRONZE, Hemet, California
4 articles 0 photos 4 comments
Haha thanks:D

on Feb. 3 2012 at 5:09 pm
Artemis--Sherwood GOLD, Hemet, California
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"We're all stories in the end."

Wow. I wish a guy would say that about me... You write very, very well. XD