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The Texts

February 6, 2012
By Atomic-Nova BRONZE, Golden, Colorado
Atomic-Nova BRONZE, Golden, Colorado
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"Leave me alone" said the text as my heart skipped a beat.A shock wave ran through my whole body as the first of the tears came.It felt like some one ripped my heart from my chest,cut it into pieces,then danced on the ashes.

I was astonished.I just couldn't believe it,that wasn't the kind hearted girl I new as my friend.

You see we have been the best of friend since the third grade.Now being in middle school she changed for the worse,in my mind.She started hanging out with the scene kids, with their colorful hair and dull black clothes.I mean we still chatted and hung out sometimes but I guess it was going to happen, we kind of just started going down different paths.

But the way she texts me, that just tor me apart.I couldn't control my anger and sadness.I mean at that time I was already depressed from these boys bullying me.I sent her nasty texts that had bad words and I called her horrible things.Before I new what I had just did;the terrible text was sent!I quickly sent her three texts apologizing for the terribly awful untrue texts I sent.I just felt like I was the worst person on the planet and even though it wasn't fair to me that she said that;she defiantly didn't deserve to be treated like that, in fact for the longest time I felt that if only someone could punish me for what I did I might feel a lot better about my terrible mistake.That never happened for a weak I sent her apology texts and each time I cried.My whole seventh grade year was ruined,every time I went home I would go into my room and cry.

I just felt so bad that I did that to her.Even though she wasn't my friend I was her friend and well that was a terrible way to treat her.I'm not a good person and I no that now.I shouldn't have let my emotions win.

If I could take everything I said back and now my once best friend will never think about being my friend again and that's what I realized,and to think I could have easily rekindled the friend ship but because I sent those texts my shot of getting my best friend back was impossible.I learned a lot from that experience one-don't let your emotions get a head,two-try to calmly solve the problem,and three- never let your best friend drift away.

The next time a friend decides he or she doesn't want to be my friend ,I'll try to figure out why and see if there is anything I can change to make them happy.I just wish she knew how sorry I was and how it haunts me to this day.

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