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Little Joys

June 20, 2012
By KayleeRae PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
KayleeRae PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
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Here’s to you, flavored chapstick. Here’s to old Disney movies and Rugrats reruns. To that favorite pair of flip-flops so worn down that your heels brush the ground. To guitar finger-callouses, to every last freckle. To dusty old books as well as new ones, when the pages smell like rubber. To purple Planet Fitness pens. To paying with exact change. To the first five seconds of a new strip of gum. To finding the perfect pair of shoes for That One Outfit and having just enough money to buy them. To the smoothness of paper. To a new pack of .7 lead. To random whiffs of perfume you forgot you put on this morning. To the aroma of sizzling garlic. To the slowly wafting scent of a vanilla extract bottle. The day where you feel irresistible. The night where you hit the pillow and immediately fall into sleep. To finding The Song and listening to The Song until it will forever be most played on your IPod. To thick, fuzzy socks on cold winter days. To sequins. To finally popping that knuckle. To chewing on your guitar pick until you need a new one. To finally finding that-thing-I’ve-been-looking-for-for-weeks-now. To bookmarks. To the sneeze that was finally sneezed. To dancing when you can’t dance.
Here’s to all the little joys life brings us.

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