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And You Understand

August 5, 2012
By badwriterbetterreader101 GOLD, St. Louis, Missouri
badwriterbetterreader101 GOLD, St. Louis, Missouri
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"To have something you've never had you must do something you've never done."

And the moonlight is falling on the ocean, a spotlight in the vast darkness. The combination of the salty air and wonder overwhelms you but not too much. The waves ripple and glisten with the power of a thousand diamonds. And you understand. You can see why people so quickly and for so long believed in a flat earth, you can see in the distance the point where the ocean meets the sky and you think that’s where it is, that’s where the earth ends and drops off into nothingness. And you understand. You see others’ dreams, the woman in the next house over, you spy through the window patting her rounded belly. Your uncle who only ever wanted a successful close knitted happy family. Something his parents never gave him. And you understand. You float with the waves your inhibition is left on shore as you drift. You let the current take you for once in your life as you swim through others dreams and hopes and it is there, at sea that you find your own. And for once you understand.

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