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My life story.

February 8, 2013
By countrygirl1997 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Minnesota
countrygirl1997 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Minnesota
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true friends are like four leaf clovers, hard to find but lucky to have.

It all started when i was 5 years old, that is when my father passed away. My mom and him were separated, my dad had full custody of me and my brother who was 3, we would go see our mom on weekends though, and one weekend we were with our mom our dad went out and got drunk and he drowned, no one knows to this day if he got pushed or if he fell. a lot of things had happened after my dad died, lets just say they weren't good.

Chapter 1: The beginning
I was born on January 5th of 1997, I had a little brother born on April 13th 1999, Our mom and dad had separated when we were very little I don't know how old we were. My dad had full custody of us. When I was 5 and my brother was 3 we were at a weekend visit with our mom, our dad had been out drinking with friend on a bridge, and he got pushed in and had drowned, That was the worst day of my life, my dad was my world. I then had to move in with my mom, I hated it, all she cared about was doing drugs and drinking, She had a boyfriend and I had a new little sister on December 28, 2002. I had told my mom that i wish she would have died instead of my dad, I hated living with my mom, it was horrible. Her and her boyfriend are off and on, I had lived in niagra, Wisconsin. My mom had shaved my head because I had head lice and she was to lazy to take care of it. I got teased for looking like a boy and I hated my life even more now..

Chapter 2: It goes on..
So in first grade I moved to a little town called Florence, Wisconsin. I made friends there right away I still felt out of place.. I wasn't cool enough for the popular girls. Already in first grade. My mom and her boyfriend had separated and I was very happy because I didn't like him at all. We lived in a really nice house out in the woods, and I loved it there! Then one day we got a knock on our door, and her boyfriend was back... I suddenly came to hate it again, I didn't like it when he was in the picture. we did a lot better when he wasn't. They separated again, so we moved again into a house in town, and I liked it there, my best friend lived right next door :D i was very happy about that! Then we moved to a different apartment and my moms boyfriend was in the picture again, He wasn't supposed to live with us because he had a warrant in Florence so someone called the cops and told he was there. So we moved to crystal falls, Michigan. I liked it there, I made friends right away, I was there for half a school year then i moved back to Florence.

Chapter 3: why...
In 2006 my mom and her boyfriend got married.. so now he was my step dad. I was not happy about that at all. We moved to a really nice house it was out in the middle of no where and i liked it a lot. One day I got home from school and my mom was gone... She was in a mental institute because my step dad was gonna leave so she was going to kill herself. She was gone for a week. I hated being home alone with my stepdad with my siblings. She came home and I was very happy, she wans't. Things got better at home, Until 2008, we missed a day of school and my mom was sleeping but my step dad was awake, my brother and sister were upstairs eating breakfast when my stepdad decided to moleste me... I was so scared. I didn't know what to do with myself. So the next day at school I told a friend. He told his mom and she called the cops so then at school they came and talked to me and I had to tell them what happend. I didnt go home that day.. I moved in with my aunt and uncle and lived there for 6 months, then got placed in foster care until 2010, i moved in with my aunt and uncle in minnesota, They adopted me and my brother and sister in 2012. We love it here and are happy and don't have to worry anymore.

The author's comments:
I want to encourage people and let them know that no matter how bad your life is you can still make it through.

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on Feb. 19 2013 at 12:30 pm
countrygirl1997 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
true friends are like four leaf clovers, hard to find but lucky to have.

Things are a lot better for me now, were i am. Thank you.

on Feb. 18 2013 at 3:01 pm
Mr.packerbear12 SILVER, Minnesota Lake, Minnesota
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"Judge lest not you be judged"

"Take the plank out of your own eye before the speck out of your brother's"

"live each day as if it's your last"

"God doesn't give you what you can handle, He helps you handle what you are given"

oh my goodness i'm so sorry. i can't imagine losing my Dad. and my mom being like that. i'm very sorry for you r loss. and what you went through with your stepfather. i hope you write more   -Packerbacker