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9 Ways of Looking at a Romantic Comedies

August 16, 2013
By BobbiG18 PLATINUM, Barrington, Rhode Island
BobbiG18 PLATINUM, Barrington, Rhode Island
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There's always that one person who simply cries throughout the entire film. Grant you i cry a lot in movies but I do not cry every time the character moves. I remember the first time I saw Sleepless in Seattle. I had to sit next to my friend who for the entire movie cried. It was as if she were some sort of deranged faucet who only turned on and was completely incapable of turning off. We both just sat there, me and Lisa, and half the time I couldn't hear the movie, all I could hear was her gasping for her breath between the never-ending gulps of tears that were streaming down her face. At one point I just wanted to turn around and yell: "shut up I can't hear the damn movie." But I didn't…. At the end of the movie I asked if she was okay-; "Oh yea I'm fine, I've seen this movie like a hundred times". Funny because after watching it with her, once, I'm still not sure if Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks had the kid….

You have to be very careful with whom you watch a Romantic Comedy. If you watch i with a loud obnoxious cynic then what may be a perfectly good movie may forever be ruined by your companion's obnoxious and rude commentary. One time I was watching Titanic with two of my friends Fifi and Shir. Grant you this is breaking the rules a little bit because technically Titanic isn't really a romantic comedy, but that's besides the point. Anyways. There I was sitting on the coach with my two buds and all I could hear was Fifi ranting about how dumb the movie was and how Leonardo Dicaprio was so over-rated. "Oh my god he's really not all that attractive." "Wow, could this movie be anymore nauseating and puckishly lovey-dovey." "In what universe would this actually happen." "What the hell is that the ship sinking…. wow these graphics seriously suck!" It seemed a never-ending stream of negativity was erupting from her mouth and no matter what me or Shir said she wouldn't shut up. We ended up turning off the movie about three quarters of the way through because she was just so unbelievably horrible. So I warn everyone out there they may be your best friend ever, they may still betray you and ruin a potentially beautiful experience watching the gorgeous Leonardo Dicaprio fall in love.

Romantic Comedies are not just for girls, and any man that has a mind that small will not get any girls. Growing up I always stayed at my friends Laura and Lisa's house. It was just how things were. And we would stay up until god only knows how late watching more and more romantic comedies. One of them being Clueless. Then one night we asked their older brother Chris and some of his friends if they wanted to watch with us- you know just trying to be polite (LOLZ not really we just wanted to see what they'd say) they all laughed in our faces. I don't know about the rest of them, but Chris has yet to have a girlfriend…. coincidence…. I think not.

Keeping in mind what I have just wrote romantic comedies are good for those days where you are sad. You just kinda want to crawl up on the couch and laugh a little, cry a little, maybe eat your feelings a little… I remember once I was having this really bad day. Not just your typical bad day but one of those days that is so unbelievably horrible that you start questioning every life decision you've ever made and you just want to crawl into a little ball in a hole in a very deep and dark cave and not speak to anyone ever again. So there I was on my couch and I couldn't stop watching the scene in While You Were Sleeping when Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman are falling on the ice and laughing. I just couldn't help but cry at how happy they were (that or my hormones couldn't help but making me cry). And I sat there for probably an hour continuously re-winding the scene only to let my tears spill over my cheeks while I engulfed their happiness. i also engulfed close to my weight in Ben and Jerry's ice- cream, my two real best friends.

Although I love romantic comedies I often wonder what morals and/or lessons that they teach. Take Pretty Woman for example what exactly am I supposed to take away from this movie- hey prostitution is great!!! No matter what you'll end up okay because some rich guy will just decide that you are super hot and super awesome and make you his wife and the woman to bear all his rich good looking children. And then there's My Best Friend's Wedding, another good Julia Robert's film where Julia Roberts decides that she's in love with her best friend the day he decides to marry someone else. The entire movie she is running around trying to break up the couple so she can get what she wants. Is this really what we want to be teaching people. Yea sure break up couples that are really happy just because you don't like it. And then on top of everything else after her plan to break them up fails and they get married the movie ends with her just deciding to dance. Are they trying to tell me that dancing solves everything….? Because to be perfectly honest I'm going to have to disagree with them.

I remember when I was little I used to love watching romantic comedies- it meant I got to stay up later with the big kids. One time when I was little I got to stay up late with my mom and watch How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. In hindsight it really isn't that bad of a movie (bad in the sense of how age appropriate it was). Yes I was just a youngster, only eight, but was it truly that awful, nope no it was not. The next day I was bragging to a friend about who I got to stay up late and watch the big kid movie, of course she was jealous none of my other friends were allowed to see it. Safe to say i may have held this over their heads, and I may have felt slightly superior….. anyways so I, of course, started talking ALL about the movie- being your typical obnoxious eight year old. "So basically this girl is writing this article about how to scare away boys, and this guy has this bet with his friends that he can make a woman fall in love with him in just 10 days," I explained. Insert OOOos and AAAAhs here for there response. "So of course the girl ends up picking the guy to scare off and the guy picks the girl to make her love him."

"Oh my god!!! That's like super smart- they fall in love right? They have to end up together, so they fall in love right?" my friend asked, practically vibrating with excitement. "Well, first they had sex, then they fell in love…." It was at this point that I was called over by my teacher. The walk over was puzzling. I wasn't really sure what had happened all I had done was explain an essential part of the movie's plot-line to a friend- what was so bad about that?

"Niamh, what exactly were you just discussing?" My teacher asked. Her tone suggested that she was anything but thrilled with the previous conversation that I had led amongst her other students.

"It was a bout a movie I watched last night…." I answered cautiously. My pretentious smile that had previously been glued to my seat was nowhere to be seen now.

"And what movie would that be my dear?"

"How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days…."

"I see, I don't' think that's an appropriate movie to watch at your age, let alone discuss in my classroom with others who are also not of age to see and therefore discuss such a movie."

"But I watched it with…."

"I don't want to know who you watched it with, clearly they are not suited for watching children. Clearly they do not understand the basics of age appropriate viewing material." From there I was told to sit in the corner with an "age appropriate" book and read quietly. I wonder what my teacher would have said if she had let me finish, and I had told her that I had seen the movie with my mom…. It's probably a good thing that I never told her that I watched Chicago the next night, also with my mom.

Somedays I love Meg Ryan. Somedays I hate Meg Ryan.

i personally believe that romantic Comedies have gone downhill recently. Of all the ones I've seen which aren't many because all the trailers look so hopeless and pathetic that it pains me to see what has become of the genre. One of the best romantic comedies of all time is While You Were Sleeping. The characters are charming. The script is witty. And yes there is romance, but not in a nauseating sentimental I need to go puke kinda way. The simple goofy kinda way that you can't help but smile at while you watch. Growing up I always dreamed of marrying Bill pullman. He was truly was the perfect man. When I was 10 years old

I'm not going to lie- I sometimes wish I was Sandra Bullock. Why can't I be Sandra Bullock?

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