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The Will

March 25, 2014
By Hbkooy PLATINUM, Champaign, Illinois
Hbkooy PLATINUM, Champaign, Illinois
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What is the will? According to, it is the power of choosing one’s actions, but the will is so much more than that. It allows us to choose our own direction in life. The will is what makes us different from one another. No two people have exactly the same likes and dislikes or likes to do the same things. Imagine a world where no one had a will of their own. There would be no true freedom and we would all be no better than zombies, stumbling through the days with no true motives. Without the will, would life even be worth living? Another great thing about having a will is it is the very thing that makes us free. We can choose our own path. Without a will, no one would be happy.

On the other hand, there are people out there who are undeserving of free will. We are all given the freedom of choice, but some abuse the power to make choices. They attack, steal from, and kill others; no one asks for such a terrible fate, and those who make bad decisions go against the innocent’s will. Also, having a will can be too much power for some people. Think about the different dictators from the past. Each of them essentially had total freedom, and they killed/controlled innocent people because they felt like it. When someone made their own choice, they were killed. Loyalty was demanded, and the people under their rule’s wills were stripped away. Is the will truly necessary? Is it our savior or our downfall?

The author's comments:
I was thinking about free will, and this paper just sort of followed.

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