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June 26, 2015
By Larkbird GOLD, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Larkbird GOLD, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
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There is no point in working towards something that you do not want.

Looking back on it, I don't really remember learning how to read. I just remember doing it. And doing it a lot. I remember the first time I ever got hooked on a series of books. Hundreds of dollars have gone towards buying sequels. But why? They are just one of the several addictions I have. They alter my reality when I need them to, and can make me understand and learn things. And I love learning things, but more than that, I love the stories. Everything has a story. And every story is unique in its own way. And that uniqueness that you can feel and cherish in a story is...beautiful beyond compare. You feel, indulge, escape, experience, and are captured by words on pages. I love stories. All of them. Even the stories no one else will want to read. Why? Because they are magnificent. That's why I would be a horrible critique, because i wouldn't be able to turn something away and tell someone that their writing is wrong, or their story is bad. It's art. And as someone who appreciates writing, I know they wrote it because they felt it. They knew the words were meant to be together and that the story was right for them, and the only reason to publish something like that is to see if the world might think it's right too. It's a chance to see if people can understand your inner most thoughts, and understand you. We share these things to help others indulge and appreciate and feel and escape. In a way, we are thanking the people who made us feel that way in the first place.

"After you have granted me yours, I too will share pieces of my heart and soul. Thank you"

I love the stories, and the way they make me feel, and change my life. And though my memory is terrible and I won't memorize the words in my mind, the stories and lessons themselves will be forever engraved on my heart.
One more piece of me. Thank you, authors.

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You all inspire me.

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