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January 7, 2009
By Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
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I’m a traveler. It’s just who I am. My soul is always wandering, and it will never stop looking for a place to go, or a sensation, a feeling to see. My soul never settles, and it probably never will, as I have an impending restlessness in myself, when I settle down, ahead of my time, when I know, there is a place out there that becomes one with me. I feel caged, and limited, in what I can experience, and what I can learn, as I feel there is so much more out there, so much more to see, and experience, before I can settle in a place, where I feel my soul is at rest. Quite frankly, I don’t want my soul to rest. I feel, like it shouldn’t rest, until it truly finds this place. A place in this world, a place where culture resides, that I am free with myself to spend my life in. I don’t think it is fair, to live in a place without traveling. You will never know where that one place for you in this world will be. That one place, where your soul feels at rest. I know for a fact, that I will keep moving, keep traveling, until I have found that place, in which I would truly live, and truly feel free. Until then, I know, I will always be a traveler. Until I truly find my place.

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