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About Spiders

December 23, 2015
By maurtian GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
maurtian GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Arachnophobia is a word that means the fear of spiders. It is also a word that is extremely fun to say: ah-rack-na-fo-bee-ah. It even sounds better when you say it in a fun accent. Some of my favorites are the Australian alligator-hunter or middle-aged Irish woman. The entertainment is never ending,

My sister and I have used the word as a joke since we were both younger. After hearing the word on TV or in a video, too young to even know it’s meaning, we constantly repeated it. To a child, it was a funny word and fun to say. “Arachnophobia” eventually became our little joke that extended past a childhood phase.

My sister and I, being only two years apart, have always been close. She is my therapist, best friend, and go-to girl all wrapped in one. She gets me through the toughest situations and gloomiest days. If we see the other is upset and there’s no time for a conversation, even today,  giggiling “arachnophobia” is a fun way to makes us smile at our worst moments.

I have appreciation rather than fear for spiders since the term has webbed my sister and I together for life.

The author's comments:

I blame Bindi the Jungle Girl for introducing us to "arachnaphobia".

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