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An Artist

February 15, 2009
By Anonymous

During that walk through the overpopulous mall or maybe even while sitting under the sun at the beach you
catch yourself amongst a variety of different people, yet only one tends to catch the eye.
This one significant person is looked at for their beauty.
Of course many that are looked at or even considered into this beauty category would have to first have specific
characteristics. To name off a fiew: skinny, valuable clothes (bathing suit), maybe even an affordable car nearby
wouldnt hurt. Tragic. Though, other eyes tend to wander elsewhere. This elsewhere has nothing to do with such pitty
as materialistic cliche but that with confidence. Confidence, depending on what type of a person you are, could be
described in two different aspects. Person type 1 would consider confidence to arise from owning things, taking
pride in everything they've worked for, everything around them.
Person type 2 would consider confidence arising from a drive deep within the soul that is present at all
times since born out of the womb. Nevertheless back to this elsewhere, the eyes that wander to people with beauty
radiating from within, that see the confidence and the beauty originating from the soul, are true artists. For these eyes
can see beauty. An artist has to acknowledge where real beauty resides before picking up his or her paint brush.
So enough of this posh, enough of the plastic srugeons, enough of money, and enough of feeling insecure.
Its pure disaster. Not only to oneself but as for the world that you live in. Where are the artists?

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