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Infinite Moment

April 14, 2016
By Anonymous

The sun poured rays of light everywhere making it harder to look straight ahead as it inched down the sky, getting ready for a sunset. I squinted my eyes and turned my body sideways as the tennis ball came closer to me. At this point in the day, my white Vineyard Vines hat was not really helping with the bright, yellow sun because it was right across from me. I swung my deep purple and white racket back quickly in preparation for the neon green ball and I quickly hit it. My older brother’s eyes widened and he took a few quick, small steps backwards in order to strike the ball back. I stayed low, in the back of the court just incase he was able to hit it back, but luckily the ball hit the top of the net and did not make it over.

“Alright, let’s go back to the house, I can barely see with the sun in my eyes.” I laughed and my brother rolled his eyes because he did not like leaving after losing a point. My brother and I never played competitive tennis. We only played with each other for fun in the summer and sometimes in the fall.

“Is mom making dinner yet?” My sister asked, while finishing up playing tennis with my dad and little brother. When she asked that, we came to the realization our hunger and quickly walked to the house. My family and I have a house where all of the houses are connected in a community-like setting. There are tennis courts, pools, the Currituck Sound with a pier and a clubhouse including free Wi-Fi and games.

“I don’t know. I hope so. Anyone want to come by the sound to watch the sunset with me? It looks like it is going to be really pretty and we haven’t seen any since we got here.” I said to my siblings and dad, hoping they would be able to. All of them said they would watch it from the house, so I dropped off my racket at home and ran to the water, which was not far from my house.

The sky was filled with breathtaking hues of yellow, pink, purple, orange and blue. I slid into the Adirondack chair that over looked the Currituck Sound. The water was a dark and comforting blue that had tiny waves, which delicately rippled over. The clouds in the sky were puffy and dark in contrast to the bright, thrilling sky. The sound of laughter and awe came from all different directions as others came to watch nature’s work of art. There were only a few of us and everyone was spread out. Some took pictures of the view, but most just wanted to gaze at it, taking in every second.

I closed my eyes and felt the stillness of the world, all of my problems slipped away. I felt the corners of my mouth creep into a small smile and the tension in my shoulders and face released. Whatever that was bothering me early that day, slipped out of my mind and I opened my eyes. The sun was getting closer and closer to setting so the moon could shine and start the night. The water was getting slightly darker as time ticked on and the sun was ascending lower in the beautiful sky. Everything was still; no one made a sound or moved. The most comforting part was that no one was on their phones; we were all just enjoying the time with no worries or stress.

In this moment, everything seemed like it was going to be okay and that any obstacle I would come across would not be so bad after all. Time felt limitless and life seemed peaceful and calm. Listening to the soothing sound of the delicate waves and watching the sun slowly droop down, I felt infinite.

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