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Burningly Ever After

September 27, 2017
By Mira Nehlawi GOLD, Damascus, Other
Mira Nehlawi GOLD, Damascus, Other
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"We don't live to die we have purpose and meaning, find your purpose."
"Imagination should be used not to escape reality but to create it."

"I like it how you're not the best at bowling or football or video games or basketball or in choosing songs" he said it chuckling "oh shush like you are the best" she said smirking giving him a slight slap on the shoulder folding her hands now pretending angryness, "but but" he said chuckling, walking backwards now so he's facing her "i like it how you try your best best best to beat me at it, it's actually fun watching you work hard to achieve something i barely put effort to make" yep he's real high narcissism self was nothing new now "am sure you'll be putting so much effort to stay alive after i push you into this stinking river"

"Okay okaaay" he said chuckling pretending surrender "but you are the best talker i've met, i'd bring up a subject and you'll spread your unique weird thoughts over it, you'd tell the real hidden truth right away without second thoughts, something people are afraid to do, you'd...knock some sense in me when i need it."

He stopped walking now so she had to.. he studied her face her features, she was staring at him doing just the same, then she started bitting her lips, "you're a walking story"

She chuckled "you think so?" "I know so, we got the boring beginning just like the classics, a series of unending quite interesting life changing plots and a blurred end... one am not sure i can expect as much as i wish i'd do."
"How you'd like it to end? And they lived happily ever after? That's so boring dude. How about and she lived untamed with him by her side, he did not have to worry, his heart did not have to burn because hell was home, hell was their home, each of'em was a walking hell and that was their secret, that's how they lived uncaged"

"But he finds safety and relief in cages.. he's not one for the untamed"

"Hun they were both caged, she in special, she just did not like to speak it out so she chose to hide between elegant words, assuring him not to worry"
"I know a girl who calls the whole universe home" he said narrowing his eyes at her, back to the walking backwards.
"Well..that girl has to grow up, yet"
"And they'll live in a hell?burningly ever after?"
"Am sure she wouldn't like it any other way"
"Am sure he wouldn't like it any other way either"

"Okay let's cut the corny crap and back to staring into that stinky river, it's your turn now right?"
"Yep" he said breathing out "and the next question is"

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