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November 30, 2017
By Mira Nehlawi GOLD, Damascus, Other
Mira Nehlawi GOLD, Damascus, Other
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"We don't live to die we have purpose and meaning, find your purpose."
"Imagination should be used not to escape reality but to create it."

We were both laying on bed, tracing my hair with his fingers taking strands of it to swirl then placing it back neatly,
"This is the third time you drop the book on your face" he said chuckling
"Not funny" giving him a playful glare
"So where did you stop?"
"When he admits dragging her to love him just so he can use her to get the cash out of the bank"
"What do you think she'll do?"
"She'll get furious for a while but she'll come around, like she always does"
"They always come back"
"In fairy tales? Yea sure. In reality? Nope. Life's more complicated than we think, it's full of chances and choices, and you must be smart enough to win with minor wreckage" sighing, rolling around so now she's facing the window where soft snow flakes were falling monotonously, softly.

"I saw your dad the other day" she said still admiring the falling flakes
"You did?" He pulled himself up resting his weight on his elbows.
"Yea.. i think he recognized me"
"How did it happen?"
"I was sitting on top of your car"
"Wait what?" He said laughing "why were you sitting on top of my car??"
"I was writing, it's a great place for inspiration"
"So i assume my dad saw you sitting on top of his car. And surprisingly you're still alive"
"Mhmm. Just right. He was coming to say something angrily probably to ask me to get down. But when he came close and saw me he just stared longly, a smirk made its way to his lips, took a few steps back and went home."
"I think you're welcomed. Not for long tho"
"Maybe. But I'll continue doing that, your car's top really comfy"
Chuckling "oh i know somewhere comfier for you" he said pulling her to his chest resting his chin on her head, swirling her hair between his fingers.

A moment of comfortable silence passed "although your car's top way too comfy, but it's way warmer here"
"I know"

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