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February 19, 2018
By Mira Nehlawi GOLD, Damascus, Other
Mira Nehlawi GOLD, Damascus, Other
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"We don't live to die we have purpose and meaning, find your purpose."
"Imagination should be used not to escape reality but to create it."

"Enjoying the walks in the cold?"
"Yes" his tone was... professional. Not disturbing her, nothing she didn't expect.
"What's your favorite part about it?"
If she asked that question a year ago his answer would've been expected 'to him' but now.. it did cross his mind but.. he went with another answer one that holds more honesty at the moment they're in "I like how it's only you and your warm thoughts or with a warm bud, yea i like it how we seek warmth so we dig inside people till we get into their heart"
A genuine half smile made its way to her lips, she liked it how he became good with words, she liked the impact she left on him, she just liked him.

"It's a cold night" she said staring at the night sky, it was full of stars. She breathed in taking her time to breath out again.
"Yes it is, they mentioned that on the weather cast yesterday."
"And didn't they mention that you might get lucky and meet someone that radiates warmth?"
He didn't like where this was going, he likenly hated how she had a sweet way in cornering him.
"No they didn't"
"Hmm perhaps you weren't paying much attention to the weatherman. Only if it was a woman you would've" she said chuckling.
"It's because i have my own someone that radiates warmth... that's why i didn't pay much attention" with a voice colder than the temperature.
"Oh..." an answer she did not expect "and you're getting enough warmth? Am just worried you might catch a cold"
"I'd prefer catching a cold than catching a fire" his words were... sharp. And they definitely cut they definitely cut and revealed blood. 4 minutes of silence later, she did her best to brush it off and go back to the bubbly state she was in ignoring the mean features drawn on his face.
"When it snows, i used to imagine flakes settling on your lashes.. i really liked your lashes," soft chuckle "like cold but gentle kisses, like how we came together on those last few days. i wonder if the winter loves you the same way i wish we never did. Covering everything, everywhere, blanketing our bodies until we were convinced we could lose ourselves here forever, only to melt away.. along with the magic that came with a numbing storm."
Looking at her longly for the first time since they started walking, and how can he not look at her when they've reached the place where they used to discuss the universe and themselves like they were the biggest philosophers alive, one where she used to sit high on her unique throne, him down.. mainly to get a better view of her, wondering how lucky he was that life brought this girl to him. Now they were standing there and he couldn't just not look at her. Biting the inside of his cheek, something he did when there was a rage of anger inside him and he didn't want to show it, "you know something?" He said continuing to walk "my grandma once told me:  Going back to a past relationship is like rereading your favorite book and expecting to get a different ending. But.. just how the whole book is your favorite you can indulge this ending and consider it one of your favorites, one you're willing to reread the book to get to it over and over and over."
"Interesting, why did it come to your mind out of the blue?"
"I just thought it'd be a good reminder and something you'd like to hear since you're a huge fan of books and words metaphors"
"Thanks." Pressing her lips together as if she's in deep thought, dimple showing, cheeks popping. saying what've been keeping her busy in thoughts "At this moment if a genie came out of my mind and said that you get to know about me anything you wish for. What would you ask to know?"

"I would want to know what you went through, i want to hear it coming from you. I want to know all the parts you hid in every story you told me about yourself, i knew every story had a missing piece but i always ignored it. I want to know all the chapters that brought you to me. "
Taking a second to collect his words "You know you're one hell of a trickster; you make people think that you're revealing much you're spilling your all when actually they're still on the shallow when actually you showed them nothing, they're still struggling with the summary."
"And did you enjoy the parts you reached in the book?"
"I so did.. but as i said each page held missing words that am still struggling to find."
"You are?"
"Yep, as much as i'd deny it but i believe if i found them all we'll come out with a bestseller book"
"Would they change the ending tho?"
He stopped walking, looked afar, looked her in the eyes,
"i was never the writer"

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