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Candy Core Rice Kripies

October 3, 2018
By paintandpencils BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
paintandpencils BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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She opens a window to let the cold air in after using the hot stove to melt the marshmallows. My mom never liked the heat from the stove, so this was her solution.

The wind picks up and slightly moves the marshmallow bag across the table. The smell of melted butter mixed with marshmallows smells wonderful and fills the house with warmth and delight. After everything is melted, she puts Rice Krispie cereal into the pot and mix.

Halfway through, she opens another bag. Something different. Something that you probably wouldn’t expect in Rice Krispie treats. Candy Corn. She dumps the whole bag in and mixes it completely. Then, my siblings and I all help out and start grabbing at the mixture and pulling chunks out one by one. We make Rice Krispie balls and set them on the wax paper. We put them on the window sill ledge and let the cool in the crisp air.

After an hour, they are ready. My mom takes them from the sill, and puts one by one on a plate. The Candy Corned Rice Krispie treat looks delicious. The tan colored cereal really brings out the yellow, orange, and white in the Candy Corn.

“Happy Halloween!” she says as she gives every one of us a treat. We were the first to eat them. The trick-or-treaters would be the last.

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