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My life As A Soldier

September 12, 2019
By Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
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My life’s never been the greatest, it’s had its ups and down, and sometimes it hurts. It hurts so damn bad, but when I look around, and I don’t see anyone. Anyone who cares, it hurts more.This life has been a battle, and so far I’ve gallantly won. I’m a soldier, but sometimes I watch my comrades switch sides, and that knife in the back always leaves a deeper scar then the bullets I’ve taken for them. I’ve been shot down and dragged from the front line. I’ve watched the blood pool from my body, the emotions seep out and surround myself. I’ve seen the darkness waiting on the other side, so I try to work harder. I’m the perfect soldier, calm and complacent. I follow my orders without hesitation. I’m a navalist, thrown out to sea. Left behind, tethered to the sand below, sinking….. I’m a pilot, soaring through the sky, just to come under fire and shot down. My body doesn’t even falter as I look to the ground below, but as I hit the dirt, there I am again. Forever in this vicious loop. So close but so far from the bright light. “Help!” I yell from below, but the only sound I hear is the returning echo, and it consumes me. Till I’m lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly I’m hit. Shot, but there’s no one around. Doesn’t matter, the shots keep coming. I’m alone…. The lies, the false fronts, these battle scars I carry. They aren’t trophies of a winner, there the imprints of battles lost and battles won. I am a soldier, but I have no family to go home to. There’s nothing waiting for me. There’s no justice or liberty. There’s no soldiers death of honor, just a sad soldier, shot down in battle.

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