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Stories nurture our soul...

July 22, 2021
By AdiSilver GOLD, Navi Mumbai, Other
AdiSilver GOLD, Navi Mumbai, Other
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God gave me depression because if my ambition went unchecked I would have bested him in hand to hand combat by age 16

I really pity those people who cannot for the life of them, understand how books affect us all!
Its not about the silly dialogues, or stories that don’t really make sense. A book shouldn’t even have a purpose to be written. Why! Writers don’t write because their writings are contributing to the real world. They write because its what’s keeping them alive.

They will never know how the words affect our mind, and our heart and our soul.

These stories keep us alive. It is exhilarating to read to a book. It’s the best kind of addiction. They will never understand how our hearts pick up its pace when Edmund broke the Witch’s wand, or how we can feel our minds explode upon reading, “There’s no need to call me sir, professor.”. And they will never understand the pain that we went through, as we felt our heart break and the cracks spread deeper when we read the line, “Augustus Waters died eight days after his prefuneral, at Memorial, in the ICU”.  

They dismiss all writings, except the ones that give us knowledge, as silly and illogically. Don’t they know that as much important as it is to train one’s mind, it is also important to nurture one’s soul. Writing does that.

It gives you emotions. The feels. Reading Harry Potter might not have improved my G.K., but it did teach me about friendship, and love, and right and wrong. Vampires may not exist in real life, but they taught me about strength, trust, ambition. Are these things too, not important?

The author's comments:

Its always so rotten when someone doesn't understand your passions. But when I hear people say that writing is not important, I only feel pity for them. 

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