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A Pit of Closemindedness

March 16, 2022
By megan_y GOLD, Cupertino, California
megan_y GOLD, Cupertino, California
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I’ve always been a pretty close minded person. Whether it was my random hatred for grapes because I didn’t like their shape or it was my refusal to learn how to ride a scooter because I didn’t like how they looked, I would constantly place an unfair judgment on something that I’ve never tried or experienced before. My prejudice leads me to never leave my comfort zone because I automatically assume I don’t like something based on only seeing a small portion of what it truly is. 

It’s like living my entire life stuck in the bottom of a pit. When I look up, I see the sky, but only a small circle of it. And based on that very limited information I have of what the sky is, I don’t want to get out of the pit. From my perspective, there’s not much to see. The sky is nothing but a little blob above me, so why should I leave what’s familiar and comfortable to me? If I eventually did decide to step out into the real world, I wouldn’t just see a tiny circle of blue. In fact, I would see the entire sky and entire world for what it is. But if I chose to stay inside of the pit, I never would have been able to truly see the actual sky and would live the rest of my life thinking the sky was only two inches in diameter.

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