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Central incisors

April 21, 2022
By shrishgs SILVER, Varanasi, Other
shrishgs SILVER, Varanasi, Other
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My teeth were normal when I was a kid, but after I reached six, my central incisors fell out, and it was fine until it took longer than usual for permanent ones to come in. It was a huge relief when it eventually started growing because my relatives had told me that it sometimes didn't come out and that this could result in artificial teeth or no teeth at all. One of my uncles explained that it was taking so long because I had rubbed my gums with my tongue, causing them to thicken, making it difficult for teeth to come out. You can also make space by cutting a very small layer of your gums with a blade, he noted. I'm convinced he was serious since he was prepared to do it.

My new set of teeth looked completely different from the rest of my teeth, as well as from each other. One of them has a tooth behind it that has pushed it further outside than the other. I saw the x-ray, and it was jointed; one of my central incisors, which has a tooth behind it, is really jointed together, making extraction difficult. My second central incisor is similarly twisted, but not as much as that one because it isn't joined to another tooth. For many years, it was a point of contention among my relatives. They might readily say how attractive I was previously. I was the one who got the weird teeth, but the devastated ones were my relatives.

Whether it was a dental camp at my school or a visit to the dentist, all they ever did was photograph my unique teeth. There were solutions, but they were all too painful for me, and they still are. Worse, it was painful with or without it, because there's a whole other storey about me dealing with hurtful comments in school. I used to cover my mouth when I laughed for a long time. I once wanted to sing in a choir group for a school function, so I went there and sang in a semi-circle with a lot of girls, and the music teacher recorded it. I was standing at the end of one of the semi-circles' sides, and I was recording from that side. I kept looking at my teeth while they were showing us the video, hoping that no one was looking at me. I wasn't chosen after watching the video, and I assumed it was because of my teeth.

Because of the people who live in my neighborhood, I was easily swayed by my negative thoughts. When I'm around, he only talks about my teeth. When I'm around, one of my mother's close acquaintances still exclusively speaks about my teeth. She stated that as I grow older, it will appear even worse, so it is best to seek therapy when I have the opportunity. While she gifts us with her presence, she never fails to include images of people with crooked teeth, as well as descriptions of who received braces on time and who did not.But now it’s all gone, not the people with crap suggestions but my crap thoughts. I don’t have any problem with this and I actually like it even more. I’m okay with this even if it makes me look like a Chipmunk or a Koala Beer.

My teeth resembles with Freddie Mercury’s and I couldn’d be prouder and if anyone would ever ask me if why I hadn’t got my teeth fixed, I would reply exactly the same way he did in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. 

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The above articles titled Central incisors talks of course about my central incisors which are a bit different from what you would call regular ones. In this I talk about how you should feel beautiful no matter what. 

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