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My Traumatic First Memory

September 13, 2023
By DVRKS0UL SILVER, Manitou Beach, Michigan
DVRKS0UL SILVER, Manitou Beach, Michigan
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My first memory is when I was five or four. remembering it now it does not affect me as much probably because I only remember bits and pieces of it. The time was around midnight and my step brother (Chris) and stepsister (Emily) had woke me up frantically when i was awake and coherent enough they had said something shocking. Guessing it was bad based on the ghost-like pale color of there skin and the fear in their eyes "you guys okay" I said. "dad is chasing somone with machetes" Emily said". Doing our best to stay quiet Emily went down stairs and called the police while Chris attempted to keep us calm  later my stepdad and mother showed up along with the police and took me and Damion home. eventually the police fond nothing and my biological father was found not guilty.

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Dont worry he is out of the picture

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