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What I can’t live without.

September 20, 2023
By David_Rincon BRONZE, Madrid, Other
David_Rincon BRONZE, Madrid, Other
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                                            What I can’t live without.

If the question of “What is something you can’t live without?” were to be presented a year a go to me, I’d have a really hard time answering it, but these past two months made me realize the answer. My friends. Specifically my 3 “brothers” as we call ourselves, we met during the pandemic through a common friend we had, and since then we had been inseparable. However, in the summer of this year I had to move from the Dominican Republic all the way to Spain, and this hurt all of us, to this day we say how things are not the same anymore, how something is missing.

It was really hard saying goodbye, and leaving was even harder. Knowing that I wasn’t able to hang out, to watch movies, to play board games with them shattered me, and to this day it is hard without them. Due to the 6 hours of difference between the Dominican Republic and Spain it has been hard staying in touch with them. I try to talk to them every day, but they leave school at 2:20pm EST which is 8:20pm CEST so that means that during the process of them leaving school, getting home, eating, and doing homework I am already sleeping. We have been trying to communicate during the weekends, but it hasn't been working, and it has devastated the 4 of us. Since I started living in Spain I’ve felt as if my life was missing something important, and nothing I do can bring that feeling of completeness back. The 3 of them have helped me through thick and think, and vice versa, and thanks to that we have helped each other grow as humans. I’m not saying they are all I have, but without them my life feels monotonous, and boring. It feels as if I’m living in the dystopian world of 1984, where everything is boring and no one is truly happy.

Well that’s it, that is what I wanted you, the reader to know. I wanted you to know about my friends, my brothers if you will. All the experiences that I had with them were truly amazing, and I wish that I could’ve stopped time the last time we saw each other. I think of them as my family, and the closest things to me. If I could, I would swim through the Atlantic Ocean just to see them again. They have made my life ten times better, that is why they are what I can’t live without.

The author's comments:

My name is David, a 14-year-old student. I decided to write this piece because of my personal experiences that I've gone through with my 3 "brothers" that in reality are my best friends.

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