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My regretful high school life in Thailand

September 3, 2009
By Yuya Fukuhara BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
Yuya Fukuhara BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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“What is a medical condition in which someone has too much sugar in their blood?” Teacher asked. “Diabetes!” Crowd answered. Again. I was the only one who couldn’t answer question. I started asking my friend question to explain the lecture again. He taught me very adequately, but his face expressed irritation. I had goose bumps and suddenly my all saliva had been gone from my mouth. I was sick and tired with seeing those faces. I shouldn’t ask questions anymore. I shouldn’t cause my friends trouble. I shouldn’t. Then, I decided don’t ever cause my friends trouble and no more studying in RIS. Just enjoy my RIS school life.

I transferred to RIS when I was grade 10. First of all, I took the transfer test, but I failed. My writing was below the average. However, my parents forced me to take a retest and I passed the retest. My first transfer test was really motivational for me. However, as I failed, I misplaced my assurance and motivation to go to RIS. Therefore, although exciting new school life in RIS began, I was not excited. My regret and bitter school life in RIS had begun.

“My English level is low, so I am difficult to understand.” Every time I told it to my friends and teachers to escape from works. Even before I tried to do, I repeated it. Teachers and friends taught me definitely and understandably, but my mind was already given up. I never tried. I was really lazy in RIS. Every time in math class, I slept and always teacher throw dusty towel that the smell squash into my nose to wake me up. Then he stood in front of me with wrinkled face and wide eye open. He slapped my head with his rough and giant hand. In Asian study class, I used computer and played and chatted with friends which was not related to class lecture. When projects were coming, I started whining that I can’t do it and I don’t understand. In addition, I played after school sports. Thus, I was really tired and I didn’t do any of homework. RIS had exam each end of semester. It was really important for my grade. However, I didn’t study anything for it. When I went back home, I pretended I was studying in front of my parents. As a result, I got F in Biology exam and D for math and Asian study. In generally, it is really terrible scores, but I didn’t care and I thought it was still fine score. I was really indolent. I escaped from everything that I didn’t want to do.

Now I am senior in RIST. I decided to come back to RIST for my university. I cared about my grade and GPA for my university. I thought that I am doing well in RIST. However, my GPA in RIS was less than 1 point from GPA in RIST. I know that RIS is very complicated and hard school, but at the same time, I felt that I should have studied harder and more seriously in RIS. Although I got really low grade in RIS, I told my parents that RIS was really hard, so my parents didn’t utter anything about my grade. Nevertheless, my grade was low because of my idleness. If I studied really hard and seriously, I could get better grade. However, school life in RIS was not only worst memory, but also there were fun and pleasurable memory. Sometimes I thought that I want to go back to RIS, but when I talked about grade and see my grade score in RIS, I broke into a cold sweat. Consequently, I learned that even the school is not suitable level for me and others are very smart, I have to try first and I have to do my best. Besides, I learned that RIST is the best comfortable school for me!

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I wrote in the school class.

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on Oct. 14 2010 at 9:51 am

I'm Exchange student from thailand and now i'm at colorado.

It's very hard to be here ! hahaha
and It's the best experience for me