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September 1, 2009
By wyatt kadwit BRONZE, Park City, Utah
wyatt kadwit BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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One day at preschool when I was still very young. Our whole class was having a big party with all sorts of things going on. There was drinks and food and the whole class was there and all of my preschool teachers were there.

All of us finally gathered at a table to eat lunch and we were eating and having fun. The main drink we had during the party was apple juice. I remembering eyeing the apple because that was the first time I had ever had apple juice. So after looking at it for a few seconds I drank it all down. It tasted a little weird but I thought it was good. Then my stomach had that dropping feeling it gets when you know something is wrong so I wasn’t feeling so good. After about five seconds of feeling pretty weird it just hit me. I pooped my pants. Nobody knew until I told them. My friend thought someone must’ve put a hose in my pants or something.

So for the rest of the day I had poop in my pants. Then after school my mom put me in the bathtub and cleaned me up.

The end.

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