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Piano Practice

September 3, 2009
By Moeko Suzuki BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
Moeko Suzuki BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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Suddenly, my hands stopped. I could not believe. I felt the blood rushed to my face and my eyes filled with tears. Iron taste spread in my mouth. My hands did not move for a while. I forgot the music and didn’t know what to do next. Abruptly, the score came up in my head, so my hands started to move and finished the music. The applause echoed in the head.

“Hey! Let’s go to the shopping this Sunday.” My friends said to me. On that month, I had a piano recital, so I had to practice for it. However, at that time, since I felt lazy to practice, I and my friends went to shopping on that Sunday. Usually, I practice 1 or 2 hours per day. If it is a holiday, I practiced more, but from that day, I quitted to practice as hard as before. Sometimes, I stopped to play the piano because of phone ringing from my friends, on another days, I stopped to play because of smell of meal like spicy curry.

One day, I sat in front of the piano and read books. My mother came in to the piano room with face like ogre. She was really mad that I didn’t practice piano, and forced to practice 1 hour each day. Even if she left house and didn’t know how much I practiced exactly, she seemed feel that I didn’t practice seriously. However, even though my mother made me practice hard, I just sat in front of the piano, and repeated to play and rest. My teacher didn’t angry about it, but she gave me a lot of advices about how to play the piece of the music. She tried very hard to make me play the piano well because she knew that the piano recital will be the last recital for me. I planned to quite piano before I became 9th grader.

A day before the recital, I got nervous and I practiced hard on that day. Since I didn’t practice hard for the recital seriously, I was not sure I remember the score. On that day, I played the piano hard. I never became serious about the practice. Next day, just before my turn, my strain became very high. I walked to center of the stage and bowed, then, sat on a hard leather piano chair.

At first, it was ok. However, after finished to play slow part of the music, I just forgot everything and I couldn’t remember next score for an instant. I glanced my friends worried about me. Also, the image of my mother and teacher’s face filled across my mind. And then, I started to play again from next music. The key of the piano was smooth so, my hands slipped because of sweat.

I bowed at the center of the stage, and walked to side of the stage. Tears came out from my eyes. I regretted that I didn’t practice hard.

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