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Bad Day

September 6, 2009
By Beerrr BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
Beerrr BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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Beer 12-2
Tum Tum! Sound of the pipe bump to each other, I decided to follow my friends to skip school. My body covered by sweat. I was so nervous to get cough. My hand was wet. I was clamed up the wall to another side of school. Tall grass stood up against me. There were grass hitting each other and crickets make sound that annoying me. The wind blew smell of the grass touch my nose. My friends and I kept walking in tall grass. “Is there any snakes,” one of my friends said. “You idiot shut that,” I said. We were afraid of snakes. We were exhausted when we got to the wall. We clamed the wall to Perfect Place, my hands scratched the wall. I had thousand of scratches on my arms and legs too.

“Stop! Where do you think you are going student,” I suddenly recognized that tone of voice. That fat teacher was driving to the school but he saw us first. He got all of our names. We got up at the back of his pick up heading back to school. The sun was above our heads. It was hot like I stand beside Lava. We walked dragging our feet straight to Mr. Mike office. The room was covered by stress. The corner of my two eyes starting to fill with water that came from my tear well. Mr. Mike continued to give his speech to us. The words were dripping from his mouth. After he done his speech, I felt guilty. I said sorry to him. His mouth started to move again. “You can go now,” said Mr. Mike. We were starting walk put of the room suddenly “but I have to call your parents.” My heart fell down to ankles. We begged Mr. Mike to do not report to our parents but Mr. Mike shook his hade like a mad person. It was 15 o’clock. I arrived home later than every single day. Sitting alone at the long bench napping. Boom! Boom! Sound of sport Mercedes Benz SLK 250 engine, I recognized it immediately that sound is my father’s car. My parents got out of the car and walked straight to me. They did not say anything. I confessed everything because I knew school already talk to my parents. “You are grounded,” said father. That was first sentence he said. I didn’t complain anything. He carried on his speech. I sat and listened like a dog make innocent eyes. It seemed like I did not care but that was not like he thought. He was so angry I did not look like I feel guilty. “NO MORE CAR FOR 4 WEEKS!” said father. “4 weeks!” was echo in my two ears. No more hang out after school, mall, badminton, and nothing but home. I started to argue to him about the car. “Shut it,” said father. I kept speaking, like a machine gun firing, without care about his words. Slap! To my cheek, sweet, bitter, sour or what ever taste that was my blood came out at the right corner of the mouth. I cried and my tear dropped like a heavy rain. He walked back to his room leaving me with no one. My mother had to soothe me and took me to my room.

I should not skip school on fun fair day. I got scratch, grounded and no car for 4 weeks. I felt guilty. I will not skip school again during high school life. I learned a lot during this skip school.

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