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September 29, 2009
By Ryota Tozawa BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
Ryota Tozawa BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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Suddenly, I felt salty taste. It was my first impression when I heard I will move to Thailand. It was a really natural thing that I was sad. However, it surprised me because I did not notice my tear escaped from my eyes. On October, my parents told me that I have to move to Thailand because my father will work at there. My sister and I were very sad that we will be apart with our friends. Since I was in 9th grade at that time, I knew that my friends and I have to be apart when I go to high school anyway. The news was so sad for me and I could not accept it. My town, the town I lived in for 7years with my friend, was so important for me. I could not accept that I have to leave the town. Furthermore, I did not want to think about saying to friends “goodbye”.

I did not want to tell my friends that I would go to Thailand. I was afraid of my friend’s reaction. Indeed, I did not expect them to not be interested in my confession. . As days passed, I thought I should to tell my friend. Therefore, I told one of my best friends frankly. My friend said “Ah. Wakatta.” It means just he understood it with no surprising. I felt stinging pain in my heart. I thought I was lonely. After that, I thought there is nowhere which is suitable for me and no one is my friend who cares me.

On November, my friend who I confessed that I will move to Thailand said “Hey! You go Thailand? Why? You didn’t tell me!” I was surprised because I could not understand why he is complaining. As he said, when I talked him, he did not listen that I talked and he just gave me some noncommittal answers. Because my friend told every classmate, my friends encouraged me to move to Thailand. It motivated me so I could accept to go to Thailand and promised my friends that I will do my best even in an international school.

At the airport, I was waiting for my grandparents to arrive. While I was talking with my grandparents, I saw some of the middle school student who wore school uniform. I thought that they are one of the rich students who can go graduation trip. However, they were not because they were my classmates, I could notice it. They secretly planned to come to airport and say good bye. I was very glad to meet them. Some of my friends of mine gave me letters. One of my friends gave me his favorite snack and said “Good luck. I hope we can meet again”. In the plane, I ate the snack which my friend gave, then I felt salty taste again, but it did not make me sad. At that time, I learned the importance of friends. It encouraged me to accept to go Thailand and motivated me to enjoy Thai life.

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