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Change mak mak (Change a lot)

September 29, 2009
By Kaori Aoki BRONZE, Bangkok, Texas
Kaori Aoki BRONZE, Bangkok, Texas
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“I wanna stay in Japan!” I said. Since I didn’t want to separate with my best friends and leave my high school, I advocated. But I didn’t have any places to live, and also my parents didn’t allow me to live alone. My best friends and I had become best friends for more than four years at that time, so I had many kinds of experiences with them. I laughed with them all the time but sometimes cried because we sometimes argued about something, so we had really strong bond between them because we overcame those experiences. However, my father had to work in Thailand and decided to take family and me to Thailand, I knew that I had to follow his decision, but I couldn’t be obedient for his decision.
“Sawadii Ka. Welcome to Thailand.” My family and I arrived at the airport in Bangkok Thailand. I was greatly impressed by hearing Thai language because I thought that I would be able to speak Thai as my third language some day. But when my family and I went out from the airport, I got sweat at once because the temperature was really high and damp, and also, there were no wind. I hated the new environment and I wanted to go back to Japan immediately.
A few weeks later, I entered an international school. When I entered my HR which was 10-3, I greeted Ms. Teresa, and it was the first time to speak English in Thailand. My classmates were six Japanese, three Thai, and two Korean. There were many Japanese but they already knew each other and they talked cheerful so that I felt isolation in the class. When I went back home, I checked e-mail from my best friends and looked letters from friends in Japan. This behavior became my one of the habits. After I read e-mail and letters, I was always cheered me up because they wrote I could do it in Thailand just same as in Japan. In Japan, I was not such a quiet student, I was talkative and made people smile but in Thailand, it was difficult to show myself to new people and new environment for me.
After a few days, a Thai student who was in my class spoke to me. She was interested about my favorite comic, Slum Dunk. She also liked it so we could have common feature. We talked about “Micchan” who was in the comic, and we also found many other common features such as what animals did we like, what was our hobby, and what did we like to do. Also, she introduced her Thai friends and I could have more friends! Moreover, five Japanese girls spoke to me and they invited me their lunch group. There were also other classes’ Japanese girls and they made communication with me during lunch time about where I came from, funny happening in Japan, and my old school.
During the first winter vacation in Thailand, I went to Samui Island with my family. The ocean was really beautiful and when I lay on the beach I could be relaxed by the sound of the wave. It was impossible to have experience like this elegant time at Samui Island in Japan because oceans in Japan were very dirty. At night, my family and I ate traditional Thai food and we watched the traditional Thai dance. Beautiful Thai women danced in front of us, and their motions were so smooth. I felt comfortable by watching the motions and I thought that I wanted know more about Thailand and history of Thailand because I couldn’t have those experiences in Japan. Then I was happy to come to Thailand.
I don’t need the habit which I checked e-mail and read letters from friends in Japan all the time because I enjoy my life in Thailand today. Before classmates spoke to me, I was so nervous when I was in the class and I wanted escape from the school but now, I feel comfortable in this school. I don’t want to graduate this year and also, I could be friends with Korean and Indian. In addition, my Thai friend said me “you changed mak mak.” I still like my best friends and friends in Japan but friends in Thailand are also I like. I think that Thailand is my second home country. I am happy to come to Thailand and to be able to live in Bangkok. Thank you, Dad.

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