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Try enough

September 29, 2009
By Beerrr BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
Beerrr BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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“Homework Page20-25,” Kiwi accent mentioned out loud. In business class, I was the worst person. In the class there were 10 people as smart as Albert Einstein. The teacher was Mr. Mark. Even thought I didn’t understand the subject that he taught. That subject was disgusted.
“Again such a lovely subject,” echo in my barren brain. Half pass ten, “Ring! Ring!” the bell made my ears harsh. I stared at the door for five second and sighed then entered to business class. Smell of hot coffee filled my nose. I detested that kind of smell when I was in business class. Mr. Mark, he ambled to front of the classroom. He focused on me and asked me questions. Million of questions threw at me. I thought and answered to him again and again. “Why me again? Even thought I can’t answer the stupid questions.” mumbled to myself, “Why he always asked me not the others?” I abhorred him more than ever. “Let look at this chapter ACCOUNTING,” Mr. Mark shouted to the class. I studied for one week in the class. I completely lost. I read chapter over and over I still did not understand. “Beer can you answer?” Mr. Mark asked. “Again! Why me? Why do I have to answer every single question,” I yelled. He did not answer me. He stood like a rock. I was mad at him. I did not even want to talk to him. Later we had a test. I could not do any sections in the test. The test result came out next week. Big red F stuck on my test paper. “Beer sees me after school,” said Mr. Mark. I arrived to business class door. “Any problems? Where you don’t understand? Don’t you have time to review?” Mr. Mark asked. Then I told the truth to him that I did not understand everything about business. “See me after school I’ll help you to make it right,” Mr. Mark recommended. I realized that he tried to help me. I felt guilty. I had changed my attitude toward him. I arrived to the business class after school. Business classroom was emptied. He stood easy next to my seat and shuffled his book to accounting chapter. He taught me everything that I confused. We did that every single school day. After school with Mr. Mark later when I returned to my home I kept reading marketing books and doing assignment. “This Friday we will have a test,” my lovely teacher said. I did not afraid about the test.
“Test result,” Kiwi yelled to business class “Well done Beer,” smiled to me. I saw A came along with the test paper. “Yes I did it,” talked to me in my brain. Now, I always attend to business class on time. I really like this subject.

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