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sneaking out

October 18, 2009
By KiaNicole BRONZE, Augusta, Georgia
KiaNicole BRONZE, Augusta, Georgia
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It's Friday,and my friend and I are bored,at 1:45am we get a call to a party,so we sneak out.I had never did that before so I'm afraid,cold,and really worried about what my mom would think,when we got there beer cans and bugs were everywhere.I was shocked.I asked myself why am i hanging out with someone like this?And to make it worst,she left me there with older guys,I wanted to walk out but i couldn't leave her there,being a good friend i stayed, she finally came back at 6:23am she was drunk and high, i couldn't drive but i took the risk,i drove us home. we got home and I dragged her in she woke the next morning not knowing what happened so i never said anything,or spoke to her again.

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