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My Cat Bubba

October 25, 2009
By ---Sixx--- PLATINUM, /, Other
---Sixx--- PLATINUM, /, Other
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Always on Mom's bed is Bubba. Curled up like a doughnut on his favorite blanket, white and fleece and warm. Bubba is a ball of snow that fell in the charcoal- black and white. From the dark mask on his face, whiskers white as cream sprout. Bubba wears a scarf and boots of whitest white. He wears a coat and hat of blackest onyx. Bubba's eyes- my favorite feature of him! They shine and twinkle with the purest, leafy green. Ah, yes, Bubba is the most handsome of creatures, but his disposition is not sugary sweet. This cat is proud, stately, noble! He will not purr and settle in your arms, but spring from your grasp, leaping towards the bed. This is Bubba.

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