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Let it all go,submerse yourself for now.

November 15, 2009
By ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
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Exhibit A;
The gentle summer breeze collides with my skin as we sway forward and backward on the tire latched on a loose rope to an old oak.
The sun lights up your pale,flawless face..so radiant,and perfect.
Your smile sends me into a relapse,longing for an actual destination.
The sound of your sweet laughter,calming and peaceful.

We yell in unison as we soar through the open sky landing softly in the patches of grass,which seems to be the only thing that's always there to catch your fall,wherever it may be.

Your bright eyes lock onto mine,as we laugh pushing off of the ground,rolling in the wind agaisnt the frothy grass to the bottom of the hill.

Time flying quickly,as we run along with the wind clasping the strings of kites in our young hands.
Laughing,if only we had known how to use a camera.
The little homemade wonders dancing with the winds,carressing the skies.
I've never felt more alive.

The hours pass,me hopelessing lost in your words spoken kindly,and your features subtly inviting.

Now,standing underneath the stars,you wrap your arms around me,pulling me into you.
The sweet somethings you whisper,as I gently kiss your cheek.
Pulling away,dazzled in the moonlight,walking toward my own house,for yet another sleepless night consumed in the thought of you.
The childish play,we thought those days would never end.
My childhood best friend.
I'll always hold you dear to my heart,yet have I found a heart so true,nor a mind so elegantly unique.
Forever and always,a promise I'll hold til the day I am swept away,to yet another life,moving so swiftly through.
I'll always think of you.

Exhibit B;

Turning the faucet knob with my toes,the fluffy inviting bubbles greet me as I slide into the warmth of the cleansing waters.
The window left swinging,allowing the autumn airs to fill the apple cidar scented bathroom.
I tie my hair back,and relax into the appeasing aromas,at peace.

Dialing your number,calmly letting my problems melt away..
To hear your voice is all I require,so I can rest and let my mind wander along.

A simple hour passes,as final words are spoken,I carelessly toss the phone to the rug,confirming the ending to a sweet conversation.
Reach for a written passage by one of my favorite authors,cracking the wonders open,releasing all thoughts of worry or doubt from my brain.
It is here that I am Alive,exploring a wonderous place I call my own wonderland.
Letting my mind soar,appealing the pictures I've seen of places I'll someday roam.

Loving every moment of this hopelessness I continously drown myself in.
Falling through the wonders unknown,all from the comfort of my own bathub.
Letting the words of all those men and women who set their works out into the world,unknowingly,they'd nurture a young mind like mine.
This is where I've most of my time as I grew into my teenage years.
When I wasn't with the ones I hold dearest to my being,or destroying the mind I'd built through the power of video games,I'd spend the rest of my time either reading or writing.
Loving the nature of the person I'd always dreamed of being as time passed me by.
This was where I loved to be.
Soaking in warmth,just wallowing away at yet another book,turning the crinkly old pages,time and time again.

Exhibit C;

Collasping in joyous laughter,wallowing in the snow covered ground,your smile sets me free.
I feel like I matter to someone,as you wrap your arms around me,tossing the silky white fluff towards me,forgeting time,just letting go.
This is the time I hold closest to me.
The times when I'm with a close friends,enjoying either fallen leaves,or dreamy snow lit weather.
When you can forget about the people who never mattered,the rumors spread about,the lies you left yourself vulnerable to.
Moments where you can just let go,and be youself.Childlike play and memorable laughter filling your heart.
The person whom shares these types of memories with you is the one you need to keep with you.
I did,and I'm actually content in happiness.
It's normal to long for the past,to long for the future,
but it's a human need to enjoy the present,before it becomes a past regret.
The people who can let you be yourself,who can love you regardless of how strange of a person you can be,who doesn't need nor care about anyone eles,who doesn't want to let go.
Thats your best friend forever.
Not the one you once held dear,who let you down.
Who just didn't matter,they have someone out there for them.
It just isn't you.
This is the conclusion I've receded to.
I am in love with the boy I'm holding in my heart,and continous thoughts.
I love the girl I call my best friend with everything in me.
I regret thing's I've done,I'm sure there are mistakes I've yet to fulfil.
But I'm happy,and enjoying the memories I'm creating right now.
That's all I need.

The author's comments:
Another one of my silly girl thoughts.
I'm amazed I have readers!
thank you all so much.
It means alot. :)
I'll post more stories in the near future for my loyal ones.

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