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Newer me

November 21, 2009
By Shandalee GOLD, Sunset, Utah
Shandalee GOLD, Sunset, Utah
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I am me. I'm not you. I'm not anyone else. I am me. Reguardless of what you say or how you try to change me; I am me. Don't expect me to convert to your ideal image of what i should be. I am me.

-Shanda Allen-

Walking through the hallways, I notice that so many people that I once knew and loved. I no longer talk to them or even notice them anymore. It pains me to realize my heartless intake upon these individuals that I once shared laughter and fond memories with. I look back and I know what changed our friendships. Life took us in different directions. They stayed on theirs. Yet i’m pretty sure i’ve mabe created one too many new paths. Could it be that my carefree going with the flow lifestyle be affecting my friendships or maybe even my choosen fate at the moment. This pain quickly fades when I realize that I am who I am for a reason; i’m meant to be me. So loosing the friends that I have is ssad yes but it was meant to happen. The memories are still there and the laughter was not wasted. I’m a newer version of me and I accept that.

The author's comments:
this just came to me when i was sitting in class.

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