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The Hill

December 2, 2009
By Littleabby18 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
Littleabby18 SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
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The sun was high in the sky, the wind washed its way past me. The tees and the brush rushed by in a blur, the red dirt was everywhere. The quad is fast and my hair is flying behind me. I loved the speed of the mighty quad. Then oh so suddenly the Hill came into view. It was steep, and it had rained, so the dirt was soft and crumbly, like a cookie. I sucked in a long deep breath and started up it. The quad begins to slip form my grasp, my mind begins to race. I had to do something and fast. I steer the quad to the right, but its no use, it was going to take me down; I was much to strong. I go hurdling through the air. I land on the wall of the steep ditch from where I just came. I roll down and land with and oaf on my stomach, I couldn’t breath. In the beginning I had love the wind rushing its was past me, but I loathed it now for finding its was out of my deflated lungs. My head spun, for my helmet was no longer on my head, but far into the brush. I hear a faint yelling, someone I know but I cant make out to whom it is. My vision, is also cloudy, and everything looks distant. I start to come to, my dad stands over pulling me up. I stagger, I’m still woozy. The quad, as I mush later found out, was not on four wheel drive, so only the back tires were working at the time. I was so badly shaken, I had no intention of getting back on. In the end my dad made me, I didn’t have a choice, so I got back on. I still love to ride, though I ride, very cautiously. Its still enjoyable to feel the wind in my hair, and the sun, warm on my skin, sour above me in the vast blue sky.

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