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To set the record straight..

January 8, 2010
By ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
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So,raise your hand to the power inside of you that can convince you to do things you really probably shouldn't. So,raise your hand to the friend you had once upon a time ago,that for reasons unmentioned,you kicked to the curb. So,raise your hand to your past adventures,past discoveries,past pure regrets..and raise your hand to the many more to come. So,raise your hand to everything you once loved,but you really can't seem to grasp how they meant so much at one point in time. And raise your hand to love. Just love. All the love you've been presented,and all the rest that has yet to find you. Hey,there's over 8 billion little masterminds roaming the planet,give it time,it'll get to you.

If it seemed like an accident,a collage of senseless color and confuson..
You just aren't looking hard enough. I've had friend after friend fall to their knees and bow to things they knew they should't have done. I've had deaths rupture my life for a week,but I got over it and moved on,I'll always feel love for them,but also a very quaint congratulations on finding out what lies ahead.Been through heartbreaks,just because my heart was broken didn't exactly mean my entire body and soul had to be shattered. Just knowing that I found a talent for something really opened my eyes,and maybe made me a little too big for my 'britches',but,hey.At least I feel important. I've recently noticed,people I have never met,don't even know my eye color,deeply care about me. I'm not sure how,but things got better. Things always get better. And things go on,even if you stop to tie your shoe,it can go on without you..sometimes you just have to be strong enough to bear,without that shoe.

And yes,if it seemed only as a collage of senseless color and confusion,you can't see it clearly.
Looking at a bigger picture,a melody in your head,or a story in your heart,only bad situations but extravagant outcomes can come out of it,you just have to look closely.Things can always be better than they seem,it depends on the angle you're looking from. See it through my eyes.

So,I've let a few bad influencial friends go. They need help. I was convinced I did,too,for quite some time. Isn't irony strange,sometimes.. just how things play out and the way people can do things to you. Manipulation,should be a law agaisnt it.

Like I said,if it seems like a massive collage of senseless color and confusion,you aren't looking hard enough.
Things always get better.
Things will always be better,somehow.
Things are better from where I'm looking.
Look through my eyes.
Things will be better.
Things are better.

Some guitar riffs are pointless,some are masterful.
Some books are..well,stupid. Some are so indulgent I didn't get to sleep til five o'clock in the morning,only to awake half an hour later for my life as it is right now..highschool.
Some movies bore me to a very deep sleep,some I could have had my eyes super-glued to the television,and it would have been fine with me,given if I could have veiwed the entire screen from where my eyes were sustained.

Well,that's life. Some things you can handle with a stretched out grin,some have this magnetism to pull tears from your eye sockets.

After some time,you'll find yourself.. sitting,alone.. in your three bedroom surburban home with the pastel colored walls,where you're wife ended her life before your little room took up the vacancy in one of the extra bedrooms.You'll find yourself sitting on this uncomfortable plastic covered sofa where she used to sit and sip on her afternoon tea and ask about your day at the office where the new secretary is trying her hardest to get inside your buttoned up khaki's,and Alfred is dying for your job. Your shirt ruffled and halfy unbuttoned,your five o'clock shadow is really making a scene. The rings under your eyes,could have been from that scuffle last night with an innocent bystander that just angered you with their presence,or maybe it was your serious lack of sleep. Your brown hair slightly ruffled with a bald spot you shaved for some sort of stance on your newly found sexuality. That half empty bottle of Jack Daniels sluggishly hanging there in your hand thrown over the edge of the sofa. Your teal boxers the only thing actually sheilding your dignity with that big open window to the veiw of the street where the little ones roam and enjoy the sunlight. After these past few months,from the start where your mourned the double death of your daughter and your wife all at once,standing over her personal cove in the ground,sheilded by the casket you spent all of the last of your savings on. The hardwood floors you just had to have are covered in little spots of blood,where you decided to go on strike against life by screaming where life can go and how it can get there,while shoving that razor to your skin above your ankle. We all see the lightning in your eyes. Startled by an outburst of knocks at every door of your home,you will rise to answer each one for the first time since you collapsed the night before.

Slouching off to the screen door at the back of your house,you will answer to find a tall visitor with cold eyes staring back.
Your eyes will grow wide as you stay quiet,and he will only greet you with one statement.

''Hello,my name is Farewell,and today will be your last.Hello,name's Farewell,and you won't see daylight long enough to introduce yourself. Hello,I'm Farewell,and you are on your way out. Hello,Farewell says farewell. Hello,farewell.''

Shrugging it off,you walk to another door,to find someone slightly identical to the last,again,only greeting you with one short statement..

''Hello,my name is Feelings,and I'm stabbing you in the back once you turn. Hello,I'm Feelings,and you're getting backstabbed. I'm Feelings,and you don't matter. Feelings,I'll hurt you. Hello,I'm Feelings,and I'll ruin your life until the day I walk out of it. Feelings,I'm killing you.''

Becoming worried,you cannot stop yourself from answering yet another door to find a triplet to the last duo,and once again..with another short statement before they dissapear.

''Hello,my name is Lies,and I'll make you regret the day you were born. Good afternoon,my name is Lies,and I'll ruin your life. Hello,I'm Lies,and I'll ruin you. I am Lies,and I'll send you to a fall from wherever you stand in life. I am Lies and I'm ruining your life.''

The fourth and final door you plan on answering,the last addition to the previous trio,
''My name is Ending,and I can change you. Hello,my name is Ending,and it doesn't have to end. My name is Ending and I can save you. I am Ending and today could be your last. Me,I am Ending,today doesn't have to be your last. Ending,I am changing you. Ending,I am saving you.''

The four will vanish,as you collect your clothes and exit the house.

And as I said,if it seems like a giant collage of senseless color and confusion,you just aren't looking hard enough. You just are not looking hard enough. Look close. Look hard enough.

The author's comments:
I'm feeling so much better in the past few days than I have in a long time.

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