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Reborn Love

February 11, 2010
By LonelyGirl93 PLATINUM, Alexandria, Virginia
LonelyGirl93 PLATINUM, Alexandria, Virginia
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It was a warm day when I came out of school. I felt a little tired from working all day. As I walked to the bus stop a gentle gust of wind brushed across my face. At that moment I felt that something in my day was going to change. I got to the bus stop and the A4 was crowded. I had decided to go on the A8 instead. I paid the bus fair and as I walking to find a seat it seemed that every single seat was filled. So I walked to the back of the bus, beside the door and held on to the rail. All of a sudden I hear a boy calling my name. I was afraid to look up because I know that voice anywhere. When I looked up I saw my ex-crush sitting in a seat... by himself. I wave at him as if I didn't want to talk to him. I didn't after what he did to me. He asks me (loudly) if I wanted to sit down. So I accepted his offer comparing to standing up all the way home. So I made my way over to sit down. He took his bookbag out of the seat next to the window and let me sit in it. I sat there kind of nervously and he asked me how I was doing. It took me a while to answer because I noticed his voice got deeper. He sounded more masculine. I told him I was fine. I asked him how he was doing and he said okay. I asked was he sure because he didn't look like he was sure. He said he just trying to handle all the fake girls at school. I said what do you mean. And he said that he wanted a girl as real as I was. At that moment I went kind of quiet. He then put his arm around me and he moved closer to me and asked me what's wrong and I answered nothing. But the real truth was that I was about to melt. He then said he was sorry for saying the things he said before our prom. He said he had work to do and he didn't want me to think that he didn't want to take me to prom. I almost started to cry and tell him off but I didn't. He told me not to cry. I said I wasn't. At that moment I felt a vibration in my pocket- my phone. I took it out and it was my mom. She sent me a text asking me if I was on my way home. I texed her back saying yes. He noticed that I had a Sidekick and asked to see it. I gave it to him. He opened it and put in his number in it. He gave it back and I smiled. He smiled back. I almost forgot I was on the A8 so I had to get off on the bottom of the hill. I noticed that he was getting off too. I got off the bus and he asked was I following him and I said no. I told him that my house was up the hill. He said oh. The A4 was always slow so I knew we were going to be standing there for a moment. He asked me how was school and I said it was great. I asked him had he done anything interesting over the summer and he said he had a summer job. He asked me if I was seeing anyone. I said in what way because I see a lot of people everyday. He smiled and said I always liked your sense of humor. He asked if I liked anyone else and I said no. He asked me if I knew that he always liked me and I said yes. And I told him I always liked him too, since the 7th grade. He said yeah. He came closer to me because I was sitting on someone's steps beside the bus stop. He put his arm around me and told me that I had changed.. a good change. I asked like what and he said that my voice got higher. And looked kind of confused like it did? I knew he wanted to say some other things changed but he was a gentlemen so he always thought about how I would react. I told him that his voice got deeper and he smiled and said yeahhh. I laughed and I snorted. He said I see that I still make you snort. That's why he always called me piggy. I saw my bus all the way down the street and I told him it was coming. He rushed up to me and hugged me. He was so close to me. He had never hugged me like that before. I felt like I was going to burst. I said bye and he said bye. Even though we knew we would see each other again.

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