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Not How I Imagined My Saturday

March 2, 2010
By turn_it_up(: SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
turn_it_up(: SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
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I flutter my eyes open. Its Saturday. Yes! –No school. I check my clock. Somewhere between 8:15-8:45. No matter how late I try to sleep in, I can’t. I guess I’m just a morning person. Even though I’m still insanely tired right now. I stretch in bed then stumble awkwardly out of it and walk downstairs.
“Morning sweetie.” My mom says. “How’d you sleep?”
“Mmmm.” I grunt. I’m to tired to speak.
“What would you like for breakfast? Eggs? Cereal?”
“I’m not hungry yet. I’m gonna go watch TV.” I say, heading into my parent’s bedroom for some Saturday morning TV. That’s the last thing I remember.

It feels like I’m in a never ending waterslide, and I’ll never get out. I just keep falling down, and the water is splashing all around me. I feel like I’m Alice as she fell into the rabbit hole. I’m scared. I don’t know what will happen next or when this frightening, annoying episode will end.
But it finally does. “Jorie? Jorie?” A male, unrecognizable voice says, patting my arm with a latex hand. And again, I flutter my eyes open. I’m confused. I realize a few things at once. One, I have a humungous headache. It feels like there are a jillion little people inside my head, all with two large boulders, banging them against my head. Two, I’m on the ground to the right of my parents bed. Why? Three, there are four people standing over me, my parents not in sight.
“Hey sweetie.” Another unrecognizable voice says. Female this time. “Do you know what today is?”
It takes me a minute, but I answer. “…Saturday?” I question.
“And when’s your birthday?”
“Mmm.” I grunt. I don’t want to think.
“Sweetie, you need to tell me your birthday.”
“July. July….8th.”
“And whats your name?”
“I don’t know.”
“Yes you do. Can you tell me your name?”
“Errrmmm.” I mumble. “Jorie?”
“Can you tell me what happened?”
And then I realize the most important detail of all. I had a seizure.
“…I had a seizure?”
“Yeah…” She answers. Her and another man grab my back and sit me up. I see my parents. They’re faces are only this worried when I have a seizure. It was bad. I don’t like worrying them, but I can’t help it. I also notice a few more paramedics. Suddenly, I hear the paramedic’s walkie-talkie’s start mumbling words I can’t make out.
“They’re going to get the gurney. We’re going to take you to the hospital.”
The two paramedics that left a second ago come back with a yellow and black collapsing bed. The wheel it over to me, and the remaining four paramedics help me up. I feel wobbly. The stabilize me, then help me onto the gurney. I’m wheeled out of my house, down the front steps, and into the ambulance. I close my eyes for the ride.
This is not how I pictured my Saturday.

The author's comments:
Just a short piece on how I think seizure feel, or my experience with them, anyways. (:

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