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how i feel inlove

April 30, 2010
By BaBii_GhErL PLATINUM, Wasilla, Alaska
BaBii_GhErL PLATINUM, Wasilla, Alaska
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Loving someone who doesnt love u is not wrong its just painful!

Ive fallen…smacked hard into the ground with no one to pick me up frm all this mess…I let one guy in and he stomps on my heart like it meant nothing to him…I dnt know y I have such bad luck with boys…life was so bad…I was so depressed I started cutting n I didn’t care about the world or whtever happened…its like I wanted the world to come to an end…but now everything is different…its like I am a completely different person…thanx to my fiancé…he’s made my life so different….i look at life frm a different perspective now…I live life to the fullest…he pulled me out frm all that depression…I really wasn’t going to live for long if he didn’t pull me out…good thing I met him…I wake up admiring him…n evry night wishing things will never change…but if it changes itll b for the best…I love this man always n forever will.

The author's comments:
he's the one tht looked into my eyes n knew i was yelling out for help...i pulled me out of my dark places n put the pieces of my broken heart together again...

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PnO4EvA said...
on May. 6 2010 at 2:01 pm
how is tht emo?...i mean i was but now im different...emo?...means emotions/emotional if u didnt know...r u trying to say tht u dnt have emotions???becuz u r the one calling me emo...