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Fatal Accident

April 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Fatal Accident

On September 23rd, 2007, I was sitting at the kitchen table, with my boyfriend, when my dad asked us if we knew a boy named Zach Morgan. We both said yes, and my dad responded by saying that Zach had been killed in a car accident that afternoon.

I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do or say. Zach was such a great person, who touched everyone he ever met. How could this happen? I felt the tears start to roll down my cheeks. My boyfriend seemed to be frozen, as if he did not know whether to cry or say something encouraging. He held his composure until he talked to his mom, and afterward, he began to cry uncontrollably. He had been very good friends with Zach, and I knew it greatly disturbed him to think that such a great person could suffer from such a horrible tragedy.

I remember going to a prayer service that night. It amazed me how so many people could put aside their differences and come together, the way our school did. The next day, we had another prayer service on the soccer field before school. No one wanted to walk in the doors to go to class. I remember how the halls were completely silent, except for muffled sobs. No one really knew what to do; most of us just sat quietly in every class. In band that day, I got up on the podium to rehearse our songs. As I was conducting, I could barely look at anyone because they were all crying. I think I heard more crying than music that day. I struggled to hold back the tears while conductiong, but once I stepped down, I started sobbing.

A few days later, the funeral took place. I chose to sit with my boyfriend and our families. The entire school came and a few of my friends were asked to speak during the service. As they wheeled in the casket, my boyfriend began to cry. As much as I wanted to cry, I didn’t because I knew I needed to be strong for him. Then, Zach’s little brother, an eighth grader, got up to speak. I was amazed at how strong he was. I can still hear him saying, “This isn’t goodbye. It’s only see-ya-later.”

Going to the cemetary was the worst part. Zach’s family left first and it seemed as though everyone else was under some kind of spell. No one could leave. It was as though if we left, Zach would be forgotten forever. However, after we finally walked away, I felt like I had been granted closure.

I think about Zach everyday. It has been almost seven months now, and not a day goes by where he does not cross my mind. His passing has taught me so many lessons. It has showed me how precious life is and that things will happen that you can’t explain. I have also learned that bad things happen, but we have to learn to be strong and know that we will get through even the toughest of times.

Sometimes I sit and wonder why Zach had to die. There are so many questions I have, for which I know there are no answers. The day of the funeral, my boyfriend said to me, “Maybe Zach was just more deserving than any of us to go to heaven.” That statement is what helps me get through the tough days. I know Zach was an amazing person and I feel blessed just to have met him.

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Chelsea Laine Dunn

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