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Going to Vietnam

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

As my family began to board the airplane, we said goodbye to the United States. We were going to Vietnam for our summer break and staying there for one month. Going to Vietnam is a three day trip which means plane sick. Of course it was very crowed. There were over five hundred people. Sometimes the plane food was either nasty or good. It depends on what you get, I guess. The only thing that was great was you get your own television, where you get to watch whatever movie you want.

When we got to Taipei, a city in Taiwan. I was happy because it was only two more hours until we land in Vietnam. Two hours later we landed in a city that was once called Ho Chi Minh but renamed to Saigon City.

As we walked out of the airport with our luggage in our hands it was so hot outside. We had to go look for our family outside because the people are not allowed to go inside the airport unless they are leaving to another place. The air outside was so humid that I could hardly breathe. It took us about twenty minutes to find them.

When we arrived at my dad's house, we saw more people that were part of the family, and surprising this was only on my dad's side. Everyday my cousins took turns taking us out somewhere to play or visit. Sometimes they would even fight over us. Once in a while we would do more then three things a day like: go to the mall, eat a many restaurants, go amusement parks, tour around the city. Our two weeks with them were very exhausting. It was only two weeks because my mom's side of the family doesn't live in Saigon. She lives in a place called Mui Ne.

We would traveled there and stayed only for a few days because its a very small city. Everybody was either to old or to young to hang out with, and there was nothing to do. One time one of my cousins let me drive her moped. A moped is kind of like a motorcycle mixed with a bike. It was exciting, but my dad yelled at me afterward because he was scared that I would get in a car wreck, or shall I say a moped wreck?

My parents were very protective because there were a lot of robbers. Or people who would hurt themselves, blames it on us, then try to sue us just to get our money. Everything down there is very cheap, which is why when people from America come down there, they are recommended as very rich. Now you know why the people from Vietnam would hurt themselves.

The scariest part about Vietnam is a lot of people said it was haunted. While my family was in Mui Ne, my parents let my brothers and I stay at a hotel. There were only two beds, one for my brother Kevin and me and the other for my other brother Hai. Kevin and I had to share a bed because Hai wanted to sleep on his own bed and because he was kind of big. Well one night while we were sleeping, Kevin and I had a nightmare. It was scary and Hai told me that I was kind of yelling and talking, the same as Kevin. It turned out that we both had the same nightmare, which is very freaky. We never slept at a hotel ever again.

We had only one week left until we were to go back home to America, so we went back to Saigon. Everyday was a very busy day. My mom had bought so much stuff, we had to pack it all in boxes. The total number of boxes that my whole family could bring on the airplane was about ten, and that's how much we had. When there was light outside. We mostly packed, but at night we would go play. My brothers and I spent our last days to the fullest because we rarely go to Vietnam. It costs a lot so we go there about every five years.

Our last day finally arrived. Everything was crazy. It took us thirty minutes to get to the airport. My mom's side of the family met us up at the airport. It was surprising that they came because it's a six-hour drive for them. It was almost time to go inside the airport, so w said our good-byes to our whole family. Everybody face was filled with tears, even my brothers, which is weird. Our experiences in Vietnam were great. We got to meet the rest of the family and that is the only thing I can ask for.

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this is really good!!! and you dicribed the air accoritly!!! but just to tell you, Siagon was renamed Hoi Chi Min. not the other way around.