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Fourth of July

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

It was the day before Fourth of July, so I went driving around Amarillo looking for fireworks stores. I found a couple of stores out of the city limits. I went into this one big store that had lost of cool fireworks. I couldn't believe how much they had in one store. After I went in I walked around the place looking at there fireworks that they had in the store. It was are to decided which fireworks should I get. I grabbed a basket, so I can put the fireworks that I want in side the cart. I walked over to the fireworks where their was people that can help me pick out the fireworks and get them for me. I founded some big fireworks that I want to take with me to my grandparents house. The people that works at the firework store got the fireworks for me. I also got some bottle rockets, repeaters, roman candles, and firecrackers. When I got done getting all the fireworks that I wanted . I also got four big packages of fireworks that I also like. I spend over two hundred dollars for fireworks. I then check out and left the place. When I got home I put all of the fireworks on my bed in my room. I left my room and went to the living room to watch TV. Then my parents came home form the store. I told them that I went to the fireworks store to buy some fireworks. They told me that my sister and I was going to my grandma's house for July the fourth. I said that will be cool. They also told me I should get ready for my grandma's house. So I walked into my room seeing all the fireworks on my bed. I went to the closet to get my bags to put my clothes in it. I picked out some clothes and shoes that I will wear to my grandmas house. When I got done, I went to my sister room and told her she should get ready for grandma's house. So she packed her clothes up and put it in the living room. I went back to my room and got some videos games. So my cousin and I can play together. I also got a football, basketball, and a soccer ball to take over their. After I had done it was time to eat dinner, so I went in the kitchen and got my food. The food that my mom made was really good. I stade up little while, then I went to bed.

The next day my sister and I got our stuff and put it in my car. I also put all my fireworks in their too. We tuck a shower and ate breakfast. Then I check my car to see if was ok before we leave. The car was ok, so we say goodbye to our parents and left. It tuck about forty five minutes to get to my grandmas house. When we got their,we unpacked the car and put it in side my grandmas house. I went over to my grandma and hug her and my other family as while. They said hi and I did too. My cousin came over to my grandma's house to visited us. We went outside to just hang out. Then I said let see if we can go swimming. So we all went inside to see if we can swim or not. So I asked my grandma if we all can. She said, we can, so the five of us got dress in our swim suit. I ran outside and jump into the swimming pool. The pool was about five foot deep. I almost hit the bottom of the pool. My cousin Alex, Josh, Bre, and my sister Desi ran into the pool and splash the water every where on the ground. We all played in the pool about three hours long. My grandma came out of the house and came to the pool. She told us that it was time to get out and go eat our food, that my grandma make for us. We all came out of the pool and got our food. The food was great that I told my grandma. It was about eight o' clock p.m.. It was almost time to get the fireworks out, to shot them off. until then we stated out side and played soccer. My cousin Alex was on my team. She was good, she could kick the ball fair. We played for a while, then we went inside the house to rest until it was time to shoot the fireworks. I was all happy and can’t wait until it was time. Then the time came. I went into my grandma's garage and got all the fireworks that I bot and my grandmas too.
All my cousin came out and help me set up every thing like, chairs, tables, and bottles that where filled with water. so that the rockets won’t fall over. Then I opened up the small pack of fireworks to start out with.
I grab it and lit the fireworks. They went up and made pretty colors and with a big boom at the end. We all opened up all the fireworks packages and put them on the table. My grandpa went inside and grab a big flash light. So we can see what fireworks is what. We all grab some fireworks and set them up. I had fuses that can set off the fireworks all together at once. I put the fuse on some fireworks and lit them. They all went up at the same time, the colors was cool. The nose was very load, you could hear them a long ways. When the fireworks finished I went out to the road and put out some bottle rockets into a big bottle full of water. I lit the bottle rocket and then tuck off running. The rockets went up and explode in the air with a big bang at the end. When it was done my cousin and I went to the table to get more fireworks to set off. We grab a big box of fireworks and went to the road. I set the box on the ground and went through it. I found some fireworks that I like. So I told my cousin Alex to come and get some fireworks in the box. So she came over to me and grab some fireworks. She lit all the fireworks she had. I stand their looking at the sky that was filled with colors and sparks. We was almost done with all of our fireworks, but I had ten big fireworks that would end the July the fourth celebration. My cousin Alex and I grab the ten big fireworks and set them in a straight line. We got some fuses and put all the other fuses together. I lit the big fuse and ran away. Alex and I sat down on a bench and look at the sky. Their was pretty colors and load noise. The fireworks was over, it was all over. It was great, all my cousin, aunts, grandparents, and my little sister love it and everyone else that was there too. We all had fun and it was the best July the Fourth we ever had. we all went to our house and went to bed.

The next day I woke up and help my grandpa pick up all the trash. That was all over the yard, that we left last night. Their was a lot of stuff, that had to pick up. It tuck us about two hours long. After we got done everyone was up and my grandma cook breakfast for all of us. we all ate the food that my grandma had made. It was so good that I had to go back for seconds.

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