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Time to wrestle

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

I slightly rush towards the head check in desk, heart pounding fast! While trying to beat my opponent to the center of the mat. " Let them know your ready to wrestle, be the first one on the mat set to go!" my coach would say repeatedly to me and the rest of my team mates. So I would do exactly as he said, feeling quit confident but also nervous at the same time. Its that feeling you get, when your bout to do something you have never done before, and its eating away at your stomach and your hearts pounding almost loud enough to hear. you begin to breathe a little faster, a little harder.

The second my foot was on that red line across from my opponents which was placed on the green would attack, that was my plan. Nothing less but attack. I believe wrestling is just as much mental as it is physical. I was fully prepared for both. The whistle blew. I pressed against her with the little arm strength that I had. Stay aggressive and no matter what never give up! Those words played over and over again in my mind. She took a shot on my legs, it was a fairly good shot, I sprawl. "slap" her face goes straight into the mat. I immediately keep my hand on her headgear, pushing her face so that she would not be able to get up. I spun behind her and sat on her black and red singlet, fitting skin tight around her hips. Forcing all my weight on her I slip a half nelson around her neck, turned her over and pinned her.

The referees whistle blew, and his hand slapped the mat. YES! I knew it was over and I had won that match by a pin in sixteen seconds. I won not only for myself but for my team and my coaches.
I look straight into my opponents eyes and can see the disappointment written all across her face. I feel no pity for her because I know that I had deserved to win. I worked my butt off training and preparing myself for this match just like I would do for any other. She didn’t work as hard or want it as much as I did. That is why I came out on top and defeated her. I felt good about myself it was my second year of wrestling and I was doing quit well. I shook my opponents hand, the referee then raised my hand oppose to hers. It was a pretty awesome victory for me. I ran across the mat to tascosas two head coaches. Coach Cobb and coach Welsh. I shook coach Welsh's hand and gave coach Cobb a big hug he had helped me train before and was also my coaches coach when he went to tascosa.
" good job girl!" was what he said to me. Then taking my small headgear off I ran to my head coach, coach nelson he gave me a big hug and told me that me and my teammates were on a good start!

Running again down a line of all my teammates congratulating me and slapping my hand in sign of a job well done. And now it was my turn to nervously watch my next teammate in her match and then six more after all my weight is 95 so I was the first one who went. But I knew we had came well prepared, so not too many worries went through my mind.

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