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My Passion

July 25, 2010
By wild18 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
wild18 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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An adrenaline rush is what I get when I am up on stage to perform.
Singing is my passion.
My palms begin to sweat and I begin to loose control over my own body. My shoulders bulge up and I haven’t a clue on where to rest my arms in this particular stance.
I’m as still as can be and if I don’t move now, my legs will lock and things can go terribly wrong.
It’s that intensity that builds up to the extreme that I think it’s uncontrollable. The bright lights disfigure my eyesight and I can no longer see anything but patters and shadows prancing around off stage.
But I know whats out there; people.
Many focussed eyes on me only.
The audience is silent and I can now only hear the clap clap of my heals on the hollow stage.
I take one big breath and the music begins to play.
Music is my passion.
Many sounds put together to form an immaculate sound.
So many beautiful notes conjoining together to form a piece unique and justifiable to only me.
I have the illusion that the music is literally inside of me.
It rumbles through my body at all different moments.
Music is created by anyone who isn’t afraid.
So when I play it, it’s a piece of art up for show, so I display it and take a bow.

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