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August 28, 2010
By falling_star DIAMOND, Stafford, Virginia
falling_star DIAMOND, Stafford, Virginia
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Red was the color I turned when David first hugged me. I wasn't expecting it, and not being much of an affectionate person, I was caught off guard, letting out a light squeak as his arms wrapped around me, even if my heart sped up a little bit in my chest.

Orange was the color of the sky when I first told him I loved him. It was sunset, a time I had always fancied as romantic. My heart raced, my blood pumped, my teeth gnawing on my bottom lip as my long nails tapped anxiously on my keyboard, every muscle in my body tensed until I knew he loved me too, saying "goodnight, beautiful."

Yellow was my hair, a halo of false innocence around my round face, when I sat on the gym floor, surrounded by people. And him. Him. There he was, right there. Natalie called him over, asked him to kiss me. I nodded-- this kiss was something I had waited for for too many days to count. My blonde halo of hair fell in front of my face as his met mine, our lips smacking together, warmth flooding every inch of my body.

Green was the color of his face at Busch Gardens when I went with him on his first upside-down rollercoaster. The Lochness Monster. We stood side by side in line, laughing with crowds all around us, alone in the back of the car. I looked at him and smiled, reassuring him that everything's going to be fine.

Blue was the color of the sky when we were skipping through thr football field. His hands were threaded through mine until I fell, laughing, as he pulled me through the grass, my feet in the air, our laughter echoing around us, a world that only he and I knew.

Indigo was the color of the ink I wrote the first love poem in years with. I wrote it on my arms, skin as pale as snow, words of love and adoration scrawled up to my elbows until they were faded, washing off my skin but clinging to my heart.

Violet was the color of my nails the first time his hands locked with mine. The sky was gray, clouds thick and heavy with rain, something as simple as his hand in mine bringing the rain down, a world of beauty that hides in the sun.

The colors of the rainbow are what make our love stronger with every day that passes by. Five months, and fifty million more to come. I love him. I always will, forever.

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