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My True Mom

November 24, 2010
By Chibbie1 PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
Chibbie1 PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
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My mom, the rock for my dad and the glue to our family she is the Peacemaker and the dreamer. It is obvious that she wore the pants in the family and my dad would want it no other way. When my daddy passed away in Austin, Texas, I was in a mourning/depressant stage. Everywhere I looked in Houston, Texas only gave me grief for every memory I had their came flooding back at me by the tenfold, which had led my to tears of pain. My mom must have cried, probably when I was asleep, for she never showed me her tears.

Mom had decided it was best for us to start a new life and literally we did. We went to a place my dad would never go to…Georgia. On top of that we are living in the typical all-American suburbs neighborhood that you see in movies. My mom never tells me the finance, though I am sure it is hard for her, being a widow in this economy.

The only time I actually seen her cry was the week after we were hit with the great flood. I remember exactly for it was midnight and I could not sleep. My room felt colder then usual so I decided to sleep in my mom’s room. Ironically there were thunderstorms crying out loudly, with droplets of water go pitter-patter on the roof as if it where counting every second it took me to reach my mom’s bedroom. However the door was partly shut, with only a bit of light shining through the crack of the door. I though t she was grading her students’ papers, so I reached my hand to the knob… Something had stopped me. At first I thought at first it was laughter… I was very wrong indeed, once I opened the door, I saw my mom crying. She tried to cover her tears though the gist was up, I already saw the tears stream down her face.
So instead my mom just told me to sit on the bed, and I did. She said the most important thing I should remember form this day is that “It is good to cry and let the pain out, but you should never look back. Only look to the future , cry but never look back. For if you do look back you will live in pure regret and the universe would keep on going, leaving you behind.” Till this day I never forgot the lesson I learned when I saw my mom her true self. This is the day I saw my mom cry for the first time.

The author's comments:
My teacher wanted us to write a parent piece and so I did the one that effected me the mostr recently.

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