May 3, 2011
By fallen-angle GOLD, Cleburn, Texas
fallen-angle GOLD, Cleburn, Texas
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Imagine being harassed and humiliated day in and day out imagine being shoved in the hallways or knocked in the head never knowing when the perpetrator will strike again. Imagine sitting quietly, eating your lunch, and being knocked out of your chair. Just imagine that as your head hits the floor, you go in and out of consciousness, as you feel blow after blow, to your head and face. Imagine being told that if you ever defend yourself you would be hurt worse then ever well that’s how most kids feel. Bullying….one of the biggest causes of teen suicide about 8 out of every 100,000 teenagers committed suicide in 2000 because of bullying. Now I know that doesn’t sound like that many teens but every 30 seconds a teenager commits suicide around the world. Bullycide is a mixture of bullying and (dare I say it) suicide bullycide happens when someone is bullied so much that they think that they cannot cope with their life and they think that their life is not worth living. Basically they get bullied so much they think the answer is committing suicide because they cannot live with more of the verbal or physical torture. Now I didn’t commit suicide as you can tell but I was and still am a victim of bullying but it has dimmed a lot which has made it easer for me to cope with it. Before it was hard and painful living with it every day that I began to hurt myself with burns and cuts. I would be laughed at, talked about behind my back, and to top it all off I was jumped just last year. Beaten, cut, bruised ,and broken with a black eye all because of who I was and what I id I always thought what did I do to you to deserve this I said it as they were hurting me but all they said was “your emo your suppose to like it!” I was always being told I was ugly, stupid, worthless and unimportant and after a while I began to believe the lies it nearly drove me to suicide. There was a girl in my class where I was I was singing to myself when she started making fun of me and my singing. I told her “what’s wrong with you why are you so mean to me its people like you who cause people to kill themselves” she just laughed and said “ I hope you do commit suicide.” Those words felt like razors in my skin and a blade stabbing through my chest and killing my very being. I do believe it’s very, very sad when people throw other people away like they done matter like they don’t have feelings like there yesterdays garbage! If you know or see someone getting bullied stand up for them be there friend or get an adult help stop bullycide because in the end we all bleed red.

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