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Bank Accounts and Puzzle Pieces

June 6, 2011
By Bookdragon GOLD, Mona, Utah
Bookdragon GOLD, Mona, Utah
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My father always said that friendship is a bank account. I put in, you take out. You put in, I take out. If we both take out, there is debt, and our relationship crumbles. If we both put in, our savings grow, and we can take out when we need to. Our bank account has grown. It's not often we find someone who puts in as much as we do. I had always learned to put in, and not often take out, until I met you. Now I do not fear to pour my trust, hopes, and dreams into this bank account, and know I can withdraw whenever I crash, tumble, and free fall. This is a kind of bank account I look for to last me through my life, and ours could if we let it. Even now, as we hold back, it still grows steadily, but not at the rate it is capable of becoming. We could be millionaires. But the bank account I need lasts beyond life. We could be worth millions, but it would take something of mine that is priceless. It's hard to turn away from a full account, let it blow away. It is hard to throw away a hundred dollar bill, unless you can see a thousand in the future. I can. My heart can see now, but my soul can see eternity. Our bank account will destroy that eternity. Our brimming, golden bank account, full of laughter, tears, and sighs, secrets, hopes, and blue skies. We are like two blue sky puzzle pieces, the ones that there are millions of, and each is almost the same, but not quite. We are two puzzle pieces that almost fit, that the puzzler has to turn around a few times and study, hoping beyond hope that perhaps these two are right together. But the fit is wrong, either a little to tight, or to loose, not quite the perfect shape. It is funny how personalities can connect, like the color of a blue sky we both love, yet how what we know to be true does not, like the shape of our pieces, our inner being. Forcing such pieces may save our bank account, but not our forever. It is twisted, against our nature, and the picture will never be complete. There is a piece out there to fit me, and one to fit you. So with pain and sorrow, I turn my back on this wonderful bank account. I know when I find another one that has the potential to go beyond ours, I will have found my missing piece. I hope you find yours.

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on Oct. 2 2011 at 8:51 pm
I love this. It is true to the truest. It even made me smile when i wasn't having the best day.