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Lipstick Fire.

June 28, 2011
By StacyP BRONZE, Robinson, Texas
StacyP BRONZE, Robinson, Texas
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I watched the dye stain my fingers a bright shade of purple. I smothered my head in it, putting much more than the box agreed with. I knew he’d hate it, so I squeezed the bottle harder as it came pouring out into my hands. I was wearing his shirt that reeked of football practice, lies and perfume I didn’t own. His face flashed through my mind, trying to erase it I re-read the box; “Keep dye off clothes, will permanently stain.” I smiled at the girl in the mirror who I didn’t recognize and shook my whole body, specks of purple went flying everywhere. I opened my eyes and giggled at the sight of the mess I had just made. Taking off his shirt, I folded it nicely and sat it on the sink. I pulled out my red fire lipstick and wrote on the mirror, “I bet this shade would look good on Emily?” and signed “with much love, Stacy(:” I tossed the remaining dye all over the ceiling, floor, and shower curtain before slipping my soaking wet hair into a messy bun. I opened the recently new purple polka dot bathroom door, and quickly shut it behind me. He met me on the other side, just like he always did asking the same old question, “Donuts?” I shook my head no for the first time, and he look confused….but instead glanced up at my hair and said “You can wash that out in my bathroom, you know?” I smiled and shot back with, “I wouldn’t want to get your bathroom dirty, I’ll just run home.” He walked me to his front door and kissed me. It was a bittersweet sort of kiss, and it made me sick. It made me sick that he could just stand there so tall as if he had nothing to admit to me. That he could just stand there thinking “That was easy, I got away with it.” I got home to 4 un-read text messages, the first was him wishing I would come back to bed with him, the second was him asking where his shirt was, and the third was him saying he found his shirt and the bathroom mess. The fourth was long, and nasty and him being a typical douche bag. He told me that Emily had just happened, and she didn’t mean to him, what I did. That if he could take it all back he would, and more of what you would expect someone to say that just got caught doing something they thought they got away with. I threw my phone down, and went and washed my hair out. I knew that changing the color of my hair didn’t change anything, and nothing was different…but something in me had changed, and something was different. The brunette girl I was, would had never damaged someone’s bathroom, would had never dumped the star football player, wouldn’t have been strong enough to let go of him, but the girl with the crazy purple hair? She would. She did.

The next week at school I saw him with all his football buddies, and it was Tuesday which meant they all had to wear the same shirt. The same shirt I had destroyed the weekend before. I looked at him, and then at his purple stained shirt that over “Panther Football” now said “I hope you’re happy” with a red fire lipstick kiss on the bottom. Emily was standing next to him, asking what had happened to his shirt…he just looked at her. I walked up to them both, handed her my lipstick and said “I’m sure this must belong to you since your boyfriend has it all over his shirt, I’m sure he will be able to explain everything to you.” I turned around, and a tear rolled down my cheek. I took a deep breath and smiled. “Man, I’m sure going to miss that…lipstick” I said.

The author's comments:
no matter what life throws at you, you'll get through it. maybe not with so much dye and lipstick though..(:

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StacyP BRONZE said...
on Jul. 8 2011 at 12:41 am
StacyP BRONZE, Robinson, Texas
4 articles 5 photos 1 comment
I did do this, we didn't talk for quite sometime..but he actually had enough nerve to facebook me the other day, saying he wishes we could be friends. Ehh, guess he didn't get a clear message from his bathroom surprise. (:

on Jul. 7 2011 at 9:55 pm
Bookdragon GOLD, Mona, Utah
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Haha, you did this for real! That's epic. I really liked your writing style.