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Beach Descrimination

July 18, 2011
By WritingReality BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
WritingReality BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Every summer my family and i go camping just for fun. Some people find it weird and just all out wrong because we're African American, where as others think its brave and its a step to changing the other ethnicity's outlook on our race. We feel that its normal. We don't do it for others, we do it for ourselves. We do it because were seeking to have fun and become closer as a family. Well, others dont see it as having fun. They see it as a burden.

You see, Every year we face some type of racism as we venture out to our usual campground but this year, it wasn't the same. My little sister faced it and it broke my heart. She's only five and she shouldn't have to deal with peoples rude behavior at that age. Her and i were down at the beach swimming and playing around just minding our own business. We swam around, played with our beach balls in the water, and even tried to see who could get the best tan. The beach was PACKED with Caucasian (white) kids and teens meeting and greeting each other. We were actually the only African American family there. Every few minutes we would hear kids walk up to each other saying 'do you want to be friends?' but not ONCE did some one ask us. My sister then became very angry because we were lonely and no one chose to play with us so, i told her to pick out a friendly face and go from there. Right away she picked out a very nice red head and we all began to play a game with our beach ball. My sister was soooo happy but then the girls mom came over and told her not to play with us. Seeing my sisters eyes water i asked the girl why she couldn't play with us. "My mom and dad don't like black people so i can't play with you guys. Sorry, but i don't like them either." My heart sank. Her answer was nothing i'd expect considering she was so nice. She swam away to more kids and sparked up a conversation. "Can i play with you guys?" "Sure.. But why were you playing with those fat black kids?" "Oh i felt bad for the losers thats all! Does it look like i want to get infected?" They all laughed and began to play a water version of spin the bottle. My sister threw our ball and got out of the water. "Why couldn't she play with us? Ill let her play with my ball.." I pretended to dislike the sand so i could think of a quick lie. "Ouch, this stupid sand. Ugh, it keeps getting in my swim suit. Oh, that's better. She couldn't because those were her cousins so she had to play with them. Sort of like how i'm your big sister so i have to play with you." "Oh! I thought it was because she didn't like me. But why did she call me black, My skin is white, not black." "No, you me be light skinned BUT your race is African American Or what some people Call, black. She's Caucasian or what most people call her, white. Now come on, lets go back to the tent."

We went back to our tent and told my mom all about our lousey time at the beach. She told us two things.
1)Never let anyone put you down because you have the same right to be here just like they do.
2) Go back to the beach and show that girl and every one else that they will NOT run you away because your black.
We went back to the beach that afternoon but sadly, we faced worse racism. We stayed like my mom told us to, but this time, it wasn't so easy hiding racism from my sister.

The author's comments:
Beach descrimination is the racism that hurt that my 5 year old sister and I faced during our time at the beach. I wrote this because, people sometimes judge by the color of others skin, and not whats on the inside. Hopefully you'll understand that everyone hurts. Even if they're different.

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nobody said...
on Jul. 24 2011 at 10:51 pm
 You are right in your point that people shouldn't discriminate based on Skin color. However, some African-Americans use this to act in ways that some people find offensive and call it discrimination when they are told to act differently. Thus, people might be predjudiced against them because they assume that all of them act that way which is, as you've shown, both fallacious and hurtful.