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Twisted Love

December 1, 2011
By LaurenT-S BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
LaurenT-S BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
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I hear the engine far off in the distance. Tears stroll down my cheeks and I bury my face in my hands. The day of our parting came and I was miles away. My heart falls onto the floor and busts, we are officially over!
Screams overwhelm the quite air. Suddenly I realize they are mine. My hand is over my mouth before I know how to respond. I quite my overwhelming shaking body. It is just a dream Lauren, just a dream.
He walked in to my life so fast, I know not what to think. At first I saw a complete idiot who thought the TTU SUB meant Lubbock’s local Subway. I went out of my way to meet him, just because I felt sorry for him.
I decided the worst that could happen was a waste of an hour, so off I went to fetch the lost one. He was across the street and rushed towards me~ just as a dog lunges at raw meet. I saw a sad lonely man, who was out for prey. Then his mouth opened.
The little pet store in the mall is a very good place to bring yourself, when you are down and out. For some reason this is the place I brought him on her first date. He seemed so timid., that first day.
I picked the scrawniest puppy~ the one I knew no one would try to play with. It was a black Pomeranion Chihuaha mix, who never stopped shaking. As I held it close, it began to realize I was a good person, I began to realize that I could mean something to someone.
The man’s name was John Sherman. A twenty year old Marine, due back to Japan in three weeks. I realized this off the bat, and thought my standards would keep me safe. Little did I know about Fate.
I brought the puppy to John’s face and he kissed it. The little thing knew nothing of John’s compassion, and itself withdrew back into my arms. Towards the end of the puppy visit , it began to like John~ I think that dog was not alone in that decision.
In fact , I began to love John. Slowly his laugh, his smile, his everything made me feel all jittery inside. All he had to do was walk in a room, and I was overwhelmed with a sensation, I have come to love.
Growing up, I hated life. The only reason I continued living, was to prove to the world it was possible. I kept getting abused, I kept getting used, I felt as if my worldly reason of existence was to be a rug to wipe others feet. I was trash, a big fat nothing in this world, just here taking up space.
Finally a woman noticed my potential. Her name became, mom, and mine became daughter. The adoption was what seemed like the best day of my life, but I still felt hopeless. She still had her own life, and I could never fill the other gap in her heart, asking for THAT type of love.
Once again useless me, stepped out into the world. It was a chilly October day. All I knew was I was going to meet a complete stranger that morning. I did not care who the complete stranger was, I just wanted a friend.
I later learned, that that friend, wanted me just as much. That compared to his ordinary~ I was extraordinary. A week go, he told me~ and I quote~ “I still have no idea how a piece of trash like me ended up with someone as amazing as you.”
Only weeks before, I thought he was searching for prey, and yet he opened his mouth once more to surprise me with such words. I could not believe my ears: some one thought I meant something; someone who felt the same trash I felt noticed I could be something; he noticed I was more than I thought I was.
The nights flew by, the days were gone in a blink of an eye~ WE were inseparable. I knew every detail of his past and he knew as much about mine. Those kisses did not stop after the puppy store~ no they continued to be sweet nothings to my lips. The problem of it all was the weeks went by, and the days grew shorter. His time was near.
No days left, for he has been shipped off to Japan. My heart is sworn to him, his I am not yet sure of. All I know is that our whirl wind romance has turned into twisted love.

The author's comments:
My current boyfriend inspired me to tell how i feel, this is it.

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